The Letter -- Adding Important Documents to a Project

Hello friends. Today I'm sharing about how to incorporate important documents into your pages. There are lots of ways to go about this but I'll share a little about how I did it in the project below.

I recently recieved this letter (included on my page) from my daughter that deeply touched my heart. My daughter has been going through some difficult things for a while now and there has been tension in the family.

This letter seemed like a real turning point for all of us and I was so grateful that I wanted to solidify the memory in a page for our family albums.

As it turns out, Madison writes very, very small, and in a font that can be hard for the untrained eye to decipher. So, instead of using the original, I opted to type the page into Microsoft Word and size it to fit with the photo I had planned to use. This offers a few benefits: it is easy to read, it's the size I want, and it's on the paper I want to use. 

Another approach can be to scan and resize items in photoshop or a similar program. After you get it sized appropriately, simply print it out and add it to your page. (I tore mine also, to get a a bit of interesting shape.)

I've used the Scrapbook Circle February kits, Story Time and Page Turner to complete my project.

Since this project brought so much joy, focusing on the rainbow stripes seemed the perfect fit. I kept the design relatively simple so that the letter itself would stand out more.

Do you ever incorporate documents from your family's story into your scrap art? Please share a unique way you've done so if you have.


  1. I thought I had commented earlier ... darnit... lol... that's what I get for thinking :) I loveeeeeeeeee this! Such beautiful colors and so touching that you including the letter she gave you!!

  2. I love layouts like this that incorporate real life stuff! She will love to go back and read this letter someday :)


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