Hello Tuesday -- About a Young Man

ETA: I have fixed the spelling on the Rhythm.

My friends, the Coult's tend to come and live with our family for a week at time here and there.  We've become family if the truth is told.  Rebecca is most assuredly my sister and those kiddos are my kids too, well, at least they are my nephews and nieces.  Just ask them, I boss them around just like I was family.

Caleb is about to turn 18 and this has been his Senior year.  It was time for Senior Portraits so we had a session back in March at a local wedding chapel.  It's a gorgeous site and happens to have a very nice hilltop view from which I was able to capture the image on the project I'm sharing today.

Here's an instagram of the mess I had for a while, just because I can!

I got out my Summer of 69 kit from Studio Calico and played to create this page.

I wouldn't say there is anything 'rocket science' here, but I do like how the bright colors pop and play against the printed background  I sometimes wish kits like this had two of at least this paper!  You know, the ones that make a perfect background.

Can you believe I've had this sitting unfinished on my desk for at least a week.  Somehow, I wasn't in the right mode to finish.  Thankfully, the mode is returning. I was starting to worry.

Hoping to get some more story down shortly, but I ran out of time.  Somehow, the next portion is harder to write.  Makes me think it's because I might not have fully forgiven myself for my own choices.  Hmmm, food for thought.  I have to say that I love how this happens.  It's good to look at things and be able to see where you've had some lack and where you also might have had some growth.

Have a great day all!


  1. Fantastic layout and photo!

    Visiting via sb.com

  2. Love the simplicity of this layout! Looks awesome on the text paper background.

  3. I like the pop of color on that pp!

  4. This is fantastic! Great layout and that photo you used is really beautiful!!

  5. Where's the "LOVE" button??? :)

    And you can boss my kids around any time! lol

  6. What an awesome idea for a photo and layout. Just wonderful.

  7. Hey Ursula - I do love the colors against the print as well. You may or may not want to know that Rhythm is spelled wrong though. It looks like it would be easy to add that "h" if you have another one.


  8. Gorgeous layout! Love the dictionary paper background and the title on a tag. Can I just make one tiny suggestion? Rhythm is spelled with 2 H's. But the way you have your title you totally have room to add it in and no one would even know!


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