Hello Monday -- Can You Say Instagram Addict?

It's finally happened.  I'm part of the modern world again, LOL.  I am the proud new owner of my very first smart phone.  A Samsung Galaxy S3.  There is a LOT to know about phones before you buy.  Hope I chose well cause the truth is, I have nothing to compare it too, but so far, I'm in love.

Samsung Galaxy S® III 16GB

I may have been most excited about the Instagram app, well, and camera apps in general!  I may have gone silly Instagramming my way through my weekend.  I may need professional counseling. ;)

If you care to, you can find me on Instagram at ursie1972.

This one took a cycle through Pixlr o Matic as well.

I'll be a little sad when our AZ skies go back to straight blue again.

I feel like I have a ton to learn to get everything out of my phone but so far, it's been lots of fun.  My DD laughed that it took me twice as long to get home as usual on the first day I had the phone. (I had to stop and take a picture of everything.

Here's my Instagram gallery online if you care to know.

And if you have some favorite apps, do please share cause I need all the help I can get.

Happy Monday!  It's reveal over at Studio Calico so I have a date with the shop.  Do you?


  1. I'm hooked on instagram as well! As a matter of fact I'm up with a week of instagram this morning:-)

  2. I LOVE the photos of the tree and of the cactus! They are fabulous!

  3. OMG! I love instagram!!!! I am obsessed as well!!!
    And that Samsung Galaxy 3 phone is on my wishlist. WHen my COntract is up for renewal in November and I get to upgrade my phone that's the one I'm getting! Galaxy phones are the best!!! You will not be disappointed!!!

  4. BTW if you like word games (think Scrabble) - you'll love WOrds W? Friends!!! There is a free version of it in the android market. If you'd like you can challenge me: DavidsWife75 .

  5. welcome to IG world, it is so addicting isn't it? You can find me at ginalideros.

  6. I could never get into it...but my kids love it.

  7. I have a galaxy too. Instagram is one of my favorite apps!


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