Some DD, Some Sneak and a Fun Organization Project to Share!

I have LOTS to share today!  Hope you have a few minutes.

First, I'm sharing a recent fun organizational tool that I picked up from, of all places, Harbor Freight Tools!  My good friend Shanna Noel is the author of this idea.  She found one in her local HF and the rest is history. There has actually been a shortage of these little beauties since scrappy ladies the world over started 'needing' them.

I got lucky and got hold of the store display model.  It was slightly the worse for wear,but it's suiting my purposes.

I'm too lazy to bother with Spray Painting like Shanna did, but I did get out my collection of Washi Tape and went to town decorating the edges.  Add some pretty supplies and I think it looks pretty great!  AND it's functional!

Isn't this super fun!?  And it holds a ton of stuff.  If you do one, let me know so I can see what you came up with.

Now, I've been working on getting the DD done and here are two more days worth.  I am so excited that I only have ONE more page to complete and then I can finish it and share it with my family!  (I've been keeping  it to myself until I'm all finished.)  Well, mostly.

We met so many amazing Mexican people while we were there. The people there are warmer than any I've met anywhere else.  My only regret is that I don't speak better Spanish.

You may recognize the washi tape frame in the photo below from a video I did a while back.  I couldn't find it a while ago and now, I finally get to use it!

The students had a wonderful time in the new building!  I can't tell you just how blessed our team was to be able to witness this first event first hand.

You can see how I'm keeping it simple and quick.  Just adding a wee bit here and there but I really feel like the preparation I did ahead of time by creating the date inserts makes it so that simple works well because they provide so much texture and detail.

This cake was made by two young women in their late teens. I was so proud of them as they used what was on hand to be incredibly creative.  It was the best lookin' cake I've ever seen and I can guarantee you that no cake I'll ever make will look as good as this one!

And finally, another little sneak to tide you over until Elle's Studio's Inspiration gallery goes live!  I think you'll be liking what all the ladies have to share!

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Found your blog on scrapbook.com! Following you :) Check out my blog too. http://www.scrappinmylife.com/

  2. and ps. I love your spraying/painting work!

  3. did u stitch thru the chipboard letter, very nicely done.... love your blog, i hope you stop by and just say hello... have a great weekend...

  4. I have no room for one of those, but it doesn't stop me from wanting one! love the washi tape on it!

    DD looks fab! i love the cake too!

  5. love all these layouts and DD pages.....great stuff

  6. I would love one of those multi tiered trays but with Miss Almost Two about it would make my inks just too easy to play with. What an amazing cake!

  7. Love seeing the HF caddy everywhere and everyone's take on them. The washi tape is a fun idea.

  8. Ursula, thanks for sharing the carousel organization idea.. totally love it (and you did a great job on dressing it up.. looks so beautiful)
    Oh and I love your DD pages so much... always so much attention to the little details that just make your pages rock!
    Ohhh... and the sneak looks great, too.. can't wait to see everything!
    Have a great weekend!
    Sylvia xx

  9. That is a gorgeous spread on your DD! And such a great sneak :)

  10. AWESOME!! :) I guess I will make my hubby VERY happy by telling him we need to go to Harbor Freight now. He loves that place!!! :) I love how you dressed it up with the washi tape too - genius! :)

  11. thks for sharing what a great tool.. u are right holds a ton.... we hv a HF nearby here, may hv to tell hubby I wanna go there, won't he be shocked? LOL Happy Friday to you!

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  13. Sorry I messed up my first comment. I love the tray! And the love the DD spread! And I can't wait to see the Elle's Gallery!

  14. WOW, I NEED one of them things now!!! lol. I will get my Dad on the lookout for one next time he's in a Harbor Freight.

  15. Beautiful work on your Dec Daily. I just LOVE the spinning thing. I so need one of those. It looks great with the washi tape.

  16. These are great! I loved how you used the HF caddy! I tried to get something like this when we remodeled at my last job, but they threw it out and wouldn't let anyone have it! It broke my heart! Love Penny

  17. ursie,
    love the caddy and what you did with it and your dd is going to be such an awesome heritage peice for later generations. love all of the details you pour into your work.
    can't wait to see the rest of the sneek!

    my email is: jhweis48@gmail.com send me yours and i will get that information to you.

    p.s. love the jars of clay song: dead man playing right now :) i have not heard that one. it's going to go on my playlist. thanks!!

  18. yeah on finishing your dd! isn't it a great feeling?

  19. Love how you decorated your HF spinner! I was all over this when Shanna posted it on the SC boards. I ran out and got the last one from my HF (which I had never even heard of- LOL) and have had it in the box waiting to be assembled for over a month! I'm inspired to put it together this weekend but I have to find the perfect paint and glitter first! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  20. Hmm. Where to start with the comments -- Brisa is going to love the layout. I'll show her tomorrow (if the internet is working). I love the caddie thingy -- don't know where I'd put it, but I do love it! Is there such a thing as too much butter? Still love the lightbulb photo -- every time I see that pic, I just stop and smile -- love the subjects and the lighting is just awesome. For a second, I thought that tag said "Doug Coult -- friend-nuisance", but then I realized it says "missionary". lol Love you, Sis!!! Counting down to the 7th!!!


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