The Who, What and Where of Washi Tape

Since alot of folks aren't familiar with Washi tape goodness I am going to share some information about it with you today as well as some sources for it.  I'll also share photos of my personal stash.  It's rather extensive and gets some people quite into a tizzy.  But I think you'll enjoy it.  It makes me happy I can tell you.

Washi tape originates in Japan and is often called Japanese masking tape.  It does share some similarities but I'm not certain they are enough to equate the two items as the same thing.  Washi has some very interesting characteristics which I think I'll share in list form below.  After I show you a picture of JUST my RED Washi (this was several months ago so my collection may or may not have grown)

Washi Characteristics:
  • Semi transparent
  • Low tack adhesive (you can stick it down and pull it back up again and most of the time it will not damage or tear the paper.
  • Comes in many many patterns and colors
  • Cannot generally be found in craft or scrapbook stores in the US
  • Is now being widely copied by other companies, though it is still unique
  • Has a slightly rubbery quality which allows for it to be stretched a bit
  • Usually has a slightly shiny surface
  • Can be written on with permanent pens such as Sharpie Markers
  • Can cause addictive collecting behaviors in most who encounter its wonders
Now, for the next color PINK (this may be the reason I am starting to like pink!)

 And one more, ORANGE (orange is hard to find in tapes but Amy Tan just came out with a beautiful Chevron mixtape that is orange so I am happy with that.)

And one more for good measure, YELLOW (another very hard to find color!  makes me sad)

The question you may have is 'what can I use it for?'  The answer is; LOTS of fun things.  You can click on the button just under my blog header that says Washi tape and find a variety of examples of ways that I have used it.  

I plan to add more and more to this section of my blog as time passes so stay tuned.

Are you GREEN with envy yet?  Let me help you with that by envisioning some of the green washi patterns you could accessorize with.

Perhaps you are BLUE because you don't have any washi tape?

I have no cleverness for PURPLE, sorry.  For that matter, I don't have much tape for Purple either.  

You can use washi tape on scrap layouts as borders, you can place it on paper and then punch it.  You can use it hold down items on your page.  You can wrap packages with it.  You can use it to create embellishments as I did in the tutorial I shared yesterday.  You can embellish a hand written letter or card with it.  You can decorate the envelope you'll send the card in.  You can write on it.  You can cover a mason jar with it and store pencils inside.   You can use it to add items to your bulletin board or refrigerator. You can sit and stare at it's loveliness and just be happy. The list really is endless.  One Studio Calico gal even shared that she used some as a band-aid for her child when she ran out of printed band-aids.  Ingenious!

You may have guessed that I am not NEUTRAL on this topic.

Now, you are asking 'where can I find all of this wonderful washiness?' Below, I've shared some sources with you.  These are my personal favorite sources for Washi.  I like to support the little guy as often as I can so I do hope you'll join me in that effort.

True Washi tape can be found at:

Other types of tape including printed packing tape types, fabric tapes and washi wannabes

It Items  many types available including fabric tape, linen tape, glass tape and more
Ecceprints-- Kawaii tape (thin printed packing type tape)
California Craft -thin solid tissue tapes
Hambly -washi tape
Cavallini Tapes the tape pictured below is from a Cavallini set that comes with a all five of the designs pictured.

Something to know about some of the American developed washi tapes is that they will have a much more paper like texture as opposed to the more rubbery and stretchy texture of the Japanese washi tapes.

Oh, and if you're interested in how I store mine.  Here is how I used to store it.

And you can see my current storage here.

I hope this was helpful to you.  If you have additional questions, feel free to ask but leave me your email addy so I can answer you and I will be happy to answer as best I can.


  1. Wow, what an amazing collection, love the reds!!

  2. I love your collection :) Mine is nowhere near that big, but a girl can dream!

  3. hee hee so joyfull to see your collection again!!! its what got me started!!! lol!!

  4. I love this product too! Your collection is amazing!

  5. I MUST get me some washi tape!

  6. We don't have a lot of scrapbook supply stores in Germany, but there is one decorating store here that has a ton of Washi tape. I should take a picture of it to see if any of the washi tape in your collection is the same. I should also find out where the stuff at that store is made.

    I think washi tape is perfect for scrapbook as you go travel journals. It's decorative and useful at the same time without requiring extra equipment.

    I love the stamps that you have with the purples.

  7. Yes I am very jealous over here of your collection, I have what amounts to two rolls of my favorite black and white striped tape! This really inspires me to get more!

  8. That is an insane collection and I absolutley love it. I adore washi tape and have some so I should probably use it. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  9. Great post Ursula. I love your pretty pink washi stash. Makes me smile xxx

  10. WOW what a collection--i have never used it before!

  11. All I can say is: WOW! Thanks for the links to Washi Tape Shops.

  12. Such a great collection! I have exactly three rolls of washi tape. :)

  13. OMGoodness!! I am so green with envy. Love your collection and thanks for the sources so I can get my collection started.

  14. This is really a great post! Your collection is to die for! You must have so much fun with all of that! I just got a rebate check for $25 from the registry and I think I may have just decided where it is going! LOL!

  15. That's a whole lot of tape! I have some and always forget to reach for it. Thanks for the reminder! Great storage, too.

  16. Wow!!! Impressive!!! I'm gonna get some and play!!! Thanks for the inspo!

  17. Ursula, I could never tire of looking at your Washi tapes!! I am in love with the green one with cursive writing and the cream colored one that looks like a measuring tape. :) I'd love to know where you got those if you remember??
    - April

  18. 'Cuse me while I pick my jaw off the floor....

    WOW!! Thanks for your washi posts, it's been inspiring me to USE mine...and to buy more! ;)

  19. wow and I thought I had a lot.. haha
    U hv quite the collection.. wow!
    so envious! amazing amazing amazing

  20. WOW!! Love all the colors - so beautiful!

  21. I am multi-color (not just green) with envy. I have the blue Smash Book roll and the black one, but I so need more!!!!!

  22. wow i holding my mouth open .. yesterday just yesterday morning i ordered some after looking on Patter cross blog.. girl i can so see myself as addicted as your are.. what is it with scrapbooker that we have to go overboard.. I thanks GOD everyday for the OVERFLOW of blessings... Stay Blessed and WOW! love ya...

  23. you are a lady after my heart lol.i love seeing all your washi. i just did a blog post yesterday on my washi. where did you get the big rolls with the pink cats & shoes?? i haven't see those before.

  24. OMG, you live in Washi Heaven!!!!!

  25. another awesome post~I was wondering where to get it at!!!!

  26. Love that stuff, never used it but I think I want too. Thanks for sharing!!

  27. I love looking at your collection, super pretty!

  28. Such pretty photos Ursula. Thanks for sharing your washi insights. I saw that Cavallini set at the NY Gift show last spring and fell in love with it.

  29. Oh my goodness that's a lot of tape! It's all so pretty. It's so hard to resist. I must pick more up and try to catch up to your collection! :)

  30. oh my word.. soooo many wonderful tapes in so many fantastic colors and patterns.. you see me jealous ;-)
    Thanks soooo very much for sharing! It was a pleasure to browse through all the yumminess (is that a word? *lol*)
    Sylvia xx

  31. Girl, you know you are creating washi monsters! I know this because it's what happened to me... I saw all your pretty pretty tape and had to get some! Love seeing (drooling) your washi pics again! I still want to come play at your house!

  32. Holy toledo batman, you sure have alot of Washi Tape.
    Hard to believe I don't have one roll.
    So many pretty colours, gorgeous.

  33. Wow, your collection is to die for.. now I feel the urge to try me some Washi Tape!

  34. Ursula, now you have started a new habit for me...bad girl! At least that is what my husband would say..I am going to use FancyPants "Saint Nick"..for a project, what Washi Tapes would you suggest?


  35. OMG! Your amount of washi tapes is insane! I am so jealous!!! My head is spinning with all the beautiful colors and patterns!

  36. I think your collection is fabulous! All the colors and rolls stacked up would definitely make me happy.
    I mentioned your collection on my blog. Hope you don't mind :)

  37. I love this!!! I have been wanting to get some Washi Tape but can not find it anywhere. This was vey helpful. Thanx!! I'll be ordering some very soon and can't wait to try it on my LO's

  38. Wow...and I have yet to try it (washi tape)!

  39. Hi you should update your list to include some of the other big players like Wishy Washi Tape !


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