Photo a Day 2012 - Week 5

I have to admit that last week was one of the more difficult weeks I've had in some time.  Many of you have already read of baby Emma's passing.  I'd invite you to continue praying for her mama Marie, who is still fighting to get her blood pressure and terrible headaches and swelling under control even 9 days after Emma's birth.  They still need uplifting.  And they thank all of you sooo very much. They've been overwhelmed at how people they've never even met have prayed for them so willingly.  God's goodness has been demonstrated, even in the sadness.

Sunday, Jan 29 -- We were honored to host Pastor Neil and Lisa, Summer and Andrew and Mom and Dad for a luncheon of home-made Carnitas, tortillas, Mexican rice, salsa, guacamole and cabbage! Yum! We had a great time swapping stories of the proverbial skeletons in our familial closets.

Monday, January 30-- Baby Emma Davis was only with us for two days before she went into the arms of the Savior. She is the daughter of two very precious people, Jim and Marie who love her so very much. Today, she passed from this world. I have to believe that this was a mercy of God to spare her from difficulty here that would have arisen from her too premature birth or some disorder we don't know about. Her tiny pinky was like her daddy's and we grieve with he and her mama.

Tuesday, January 31-- I made a new friend last week in Katie and we met for lunch today to swap stories about our lives, share about our church family and to talk about my business endeavors. She's in partnership with her mom to help new businesses gain financing. Pretty cool stuff. We enjoyed our time together and found we have a lot in common.

Wednesday, February 1 -- There is banana warfare going on in the school-room today. No one knows how to contain it!

Feb 1 -- Banana Warfare going on in the schoolroom.  Looks to be safe enough though.

Thursday, February 2 -- Bean is a very funny dog. Just prior to this, he'd been smack in between Jeremy and I as we hugged good morning. Then, when J started his morning push ups, Bean parked himself to stand watch. Funny puppy.

Friday, February 3 -- A self-portrait today. It's one of those things where I saw something in the mirror that I liked, but I wasn't able to capture it and so I got this. I'm not thrilled with it. It's ok. But its not wonderful. It's certainly not me looking my best. But it is me and I'm trying to remember that it's ok not to be a supermodel, LOL.

Saturday,  February 4 -- This is an image of poor Bean the dog who is very uncomfortable when a camera is pointed his direction. He just isn't comfortable with his own handsomeness being recorded.

There you have it.  Saturday was also the day for the service for Baby Emma.  I was amazed when at least 200 people showed up and there was only standing room left in the church for the service.


  1. fabulous post, that picture is just so sad and it was gods way of taking care of Emma so for that we have to be thankful, though it is still very hard.

    I love that picture of you girl, i have loved it all week in the MB i think it captures everything you have dealt with over baby Emma.

    that dog is too handsome

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos. The picture of baby Emma breaks my heart, but the pictures of Bean make me smile. He is one sweet-faced pup!! :)

  3. I really love that picture of you. It has a very vintagey feel - reminds me of senior class portraits from the 70s with the straight hair. I think it makes you look very young.

  4. So sorry to hear of the passing of Emma. My own son Adam was killed while he was on his way home from college, when he was 20. A drugged driver pulled out in front of him. I still grieve daily, and it happened in 1999. The loss of a child NEVER becomes easier, for the parents, you just learn to hide it from other's who in time expect you to "deal" with it. Thank you for being so thoughtful of her parents.
    Loved the rest of your photos from the week! Love Penny Scrap-aholic@blogspot.com

  5. Great photo! Very sad to see the picture of Emma, my condolences

  6. Wow what amazing stories. I love it! I especially live your dog because mine use to be like that and I miss her everyday;(
    Thanks for sharing

  7. Prayers for Emma...sorry to hear.
    Great pics of the week!
    Gotta love that dog of yours - LOL!!

  8. Love the pics, but the one of baby Emma's pinky just breaks my heart.

  9. So sorry to hear about the passing of Emma. :-( Prayers sent up. I wish I looked as good as you when doing a self-portrait. And that picture of Bean is too precious!

  10. what a beautiful tribute to a week that contained a huge range of emotions for you.

  11. Love your photography and your self portrait is amazing! So very sorry for little Emma's family but I agree with you, the Lord spared her from something far worse. Knowing she is in His loving arms right now is such a comfort. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  12. Very nice photos. I will be praying for sweet Emma's parents. So very heart breaking.

  13. Prayers offered for baby Emma's family.


  14. Wonderful post. Your photos are so beautiful Ursula. You sure do have an eye for capturing life;)

  15. Lovely pictures, and continuing to pray for the family of sweet Emma.

  16. Wow what precious pics sorry for your loss.....Baby is an angel now.....tfs


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