Typed Happiness

It's a Monday.  Everyone clap.  No really.  Because you and I are alive today, we have fresh air to breath, water to drink, clothing to wear.  We have people to love and be loved by. It is a good day, even though we did have to wake up early and get things done that we might rather have ignored.

Well, I am officially done documenting my week in the form of pictures and words.  Now, to put together my album in a completed form.  I have not a single clue about how I am going to do that.  Not. Even. One.  Oh dear.  Hoping Miss Ali E comes through with some direction or I am going to have to figure it out my own self. (which is possible of course, but direction is always good)

You may be wondering about the title of my post today.  Well, the reason is that I now have a working TYPEWRITER!  This is very exciting news for me as I've been wanting to be able to type on my Layouts for quite a while now, but had been unsuccessful up to this point.  My typewriter just needed a little love and now that it has it, I am in business.  

So without further ado, here is my very first 'typed' layout!



  1. Your layout totally made me smile. I love how the journaling reflects it quirks and imperfections! I use mine all the time...definitely one of my favorite scrapping supplies!

  2. I love it! And I love how your journaling stands out masked off by the mist :)
    Love typed journaling!

  3. love the design and color combo. love my typewriters. =)

  4. Love this layout! I am now in search of a typewriter!!

  5. love your layout, have fun with your typewriter. they are so much fuN! :)


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