Week in the Life, Day 6

Yep, I'm posting this one a day late as I had no editing time over the weekend.  Ooops.  It was a pretty packed day on Saturday.  I really do see a lot of ways in which this project has caused me to stretch to see what happens in my daily life and that of my family.  I've decided we're not quite as boring as I'd previously thought we were. LOL

Maddie helped me with dinner tonight, first time in a while!
 She also got to ride this morning over at Wendy's.......first time in a while for that too since she's been grounded forever with continually bad choices.  Ugh.  So nice to have her out of trouble.
Enjoyed the amazing skies today. 
 Ham, brie and Fire Roasted Tomato Triscuits...YUM

 Always a few dirty dishes lingering about it seems.
 Fresh tortillas from La Mesa

 Hunter and Jeremy went out today and purchased a new rod and reel for Hunter. 
 At play.
 No real sunset to speak of today as the cloud banks were just too thick.
 I just thought this looked really cool.  This is a very photogenic kitty.  She should be a paid model!

 Shredded beef, Spanish rice, guacamole, and homemade salsa!  Yum!
 Went for coffee with clients and now friends this AM.
 And to the library where I picked up Lift and The Happiness Project
 The last chance this month for Watermelon Eegee which is my favorite thing evah!
 That is all she wrote.  One more day, which is mainly already recorded, I just need to get it up here!


  1. i haven't had the chance to comment on every post, but i've enjoyed your week in the life photos. the sunsets are gorgeous. i started my WITL yesterday. we'll see if i can follow through.

  2. I'm not sure what a Watermelon Eegee is...but it sure looks good!
    Great shots! Can't wait to see your completed album.

  3. Yes I want some watermelon eegee too, even though I dont know what it is either lol. Love that blue sky pic.

  4. love your self portrait, you are gorgeous! :) have a great day!! xo

  5. Thanks Vee, that is so sweet.

    Watermelon eegee is a local favorite. It is a frozen fruit slushy that contains real fruit. They always have lemon, strawberry and pina colada but also add a different flavor each month for that month only. July is one of my favorite months!


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