Week in the Life, Day 5

My pictures aren't in order, for some reason they got out of order, but oh well.  Yesterday was a little more chaotic.  I think that was because Jeremy was home from work like he is every other Friday.  I've noticed that husbands often think their families revolve around them and them alone.  They always want the rest of us at their beck and call.  

Laney wasn't feeling so good last night so she was just looking like it here.  I thought it was cute but her mama wasn't so thrilled with the thumb sucking. (Mama is a dental hygienist!)
 Love my Smash Date stamp!
Somehow, this looks exactly the same EVERY DAY!
Talked to Kitty today on the phone for a bit.
This was one of those times when Jeremy is home and takes over MY space.  He never thinks to ask if that is ok.  Why is that?
But I"m glad he's around.  This caster is the result of his ability to fix things.  The casters on my paper carts had smushed and he got me new, stronger ones.  Happy!
Same lunch as yesterday but I managed to make it look slightly different.
Jeremy is helping me get my old typewriter going again, now to order some ribbon!
Maddie is delighted to show me some definitions she wrote for me of some terms she's been having trouble accepting from mom and dad (yes, it was a 'correction' assignment)
 We looked at that typewriter from EVERY angle to get all the gunk out.
Saguaros at sunset are always a treat.

Wendy has horses!  Matrix and Storm (Storm is the paint and the strong minded one of the two)

Maddie is learning to drive.  This was her first time in the old suburban beasty.
Just my living room wall with my favorite bird prints in a grid.
Lucy scarfs when she comes here to visit.  At home, she eats nothing, but here she pigs everything down so that Bean doesn't get it.
Maddie just got 'furminated'.  Here, she stands guard over the offending tool.
Wendy and Storm
 Yes...its my refrigerator.
After we left our friends Wendy and Tim's house, we ran into an older gentleman who was stuck in the middle of the corner on the road.  We gave him a tow near his destination (though he distinctly didn't want us to take him all the way there.  Not sure why that was???)

Almost done.  Only two more days to go.  I am really enjoying this project and I know it will be a lot of fun to look back on.


  1. Love that you're doing week in the life! I always start off with good intentions, but I never quite pull it off! Look forward to seeing more!

  2. I love the correction assignment, i will have to remember that one. You have a beautiful home and family. I have an electric smith and corona from around 1989 and it is so ugly, but it was free so I cant complain. Yours is too cute!

  3. Great photos! Love that typewriter too!


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