Week in the Life, Day 4

So today was.....not as bright as some days have been.  I think my mood is strongly effected by my kids moods and they both seemed more in the dumps today than they have been.  Both of them are really stuck in the slump of believing they can never be finished with their school/chores or whatever responsibilities they may have.  Things take them literally 5 times as long as they should ALL of the time. Not exaggerating here.

I wonder if that is because they never have gotten to be children in the most basic sense.  That time in our lives when we are cared for, diapered, cuddled, played with, talked to and allowed to just be is so foundational.  Part of me wonders if they will ever be able to recover from not having that.  Does their mind now rebel at being responsible in unconscious retaliation for having never had a true childhood?

They came to us at 7 and 8 and so much training had to take place and it certainly wasn't fun or optional for us to let them just be babies again.  Nor were they willing to be.  What they've wanted as long as I've known them is to be adults.  I pray.

The mess on my desk this morning.

Is anyone besides me amazed at how much time we spend using this particular fixture???
Pretty typical to have a giant pile of pillows on the love seat.  And yes, it's about 17 years old and needs replacing (but we're waiting for the kids to grow up and stop jumping on things first!)
This is the pile of 'Like This' tape I unraveled hoping that if I pulled off enough, I'd get to some that was usable.  I didn't. :(

 Someone wants to come inside.
 I came up with a new way to present my Photo DVD's to clients.  Really happy with how this turned out. 

 George the cat, a.k.a resident dishwasher.
I missed sunset as I had to be in the church practicing with my worship team, but I did get this about an hour before it set in the church park.
These are the girls I get to sing with this week.  Misty and Summer.  Love these girls.  And behind them is the stage whereupon I spend most of my Sunday morning and Thursday nights.  Favorite place to be!
Jeremy (who is our drummer and my DH) and Drew (Misty's hubby and our Sound Tech)
My church home. Isn't she prettyful?
Maddie and Rose preparing crafts for VBS next week.
I can't believe I'm over halfway done with this.  I feel like it's going really well.  Yay!  Hope your day/life/projects are bring you joy and peace today.  


  1. I love taking a peek into different Week in the Lifes. Your SMASH tape made me laugh because it looks exactly like mine. Also love that picture of your church - just beautiful! Have a great weekend!

  2. Love the colorful walls and happy critters!

  3. I'm smiling because I have a little plastic drawer thing like the one on top of your toilet. But mine is on my scrap counter :)

  4. ursula - your story about your kids touches my heart:)

    beautiful photos and i love the photo dvd holder that you present to your clients. what a special gift!

  5. this is such a great project!! good job keeping up with it! and hope your day gets better!

  6. I love your photos!

    And don't worry about my printer. I use it for every scrapbook page, but I've only used the large format option twice before :)

  7. Love your pictures, Ursula. Is that an arched stairway next to your scrapdesk? What a great architectural feature. Love the color of your desk!!

  8. well done for doing this, you certainly seem to be kept busy girl :)

  9. enjoying peeping, all your photos, ursula! that teal wall & desk are divine!

  10. Yep Valerie, it is an arch, we have 3 of those that all come out of the living room. They drive me nuts as they are head banging hazzards for my tall hubby!


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