Week in the Life, Day 3

So today it seemed like I had less to say.  But I did get the documentation done, through photos.  My friend Rose came over and played in my scrap room with punches. We went and got lunch at a local grill. Best fries to be had anywhere.  Made a fun Washi punched heart.

These are the looks my hubby gives me when I get out my camera.

 Rose is playing coy

A sharp-shinned hawk spent a lot of time in our bird bath today.

Washi heart love

Maddie says this area should be a garden.....uh....its not....but it does have one lone weed.

Everyday tons of rabbits invade my yard

 Bean the dog!

I'm taking a sunset photo daily, or at least I am trying to do so.  Tomorrow will be tough.

Rose and I pray for lunch after discussing the scripture about women having their heads covered.

The Bean smorgasbord.

Evening has arrived, Jeremy works on some guitars we have.

It was a good day. 


  1. Great photos Ursula! I love that you've taken sunset pictures daily - I wish I had thought to do that myself! We are half way down with Week in the Life!

  2. Great pics, that sunset is gorgeous!

  3. These are great Ursula! Thank you for the help with lens too.

  4. Ursula - your have a wonderful eye for capturing life! love the photos for day 3 - simply beautiful:)

  5. Ursula- your pics are awesome!! And tell your hubby someday he will appreciate all his young pics. :) That's what I tell my husband. lol

  6. Ha ha, he doesn't actually mind, he's just a big ole dork is the fact!

  7. Love your new avatar photo Ursula - all your photos are great :) I need to do this project!


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