Week in the Life, Day 2

I started this day feeling discouraged.  What would I photograph today.  My kids were doing the same thing.  I wasn't planning on going anywhere.  The routine looked to be the same.  But after posting on my favorite forum Studio Calico I got some encouragement that led to a lot more to see and document than I imagined I'd find.

I visited a friend unexpectedly and helped her with a PC problem.  Then I came home and blitzed my craft room/office with a cleaning frenzy.  Can NOT believe how much I got done there.  Then I moved on to updating our family's financial records (hate this but was motivated, YAY)  Then, I made a fantastic dinner of Chicken Piccata with Capers, Zucchini and Baby Corn over Quinoa.  That turned out beautifully.

I'm finding that if I have the right perspective, I can find something interesting in every day.  Not only that, but if I'm documenting it, I'm more motivated to DO SOMETHING WORTHWHILE!

Pretty sure my kitty is the prettiest, even when not in focus

Love how little bits of grass will grow randomly this time of year in the hard brown dirt.

Freshly cleaned craft room!  Woot!

A most amazing sunset tonight.

Please note the pile to my left,that is the table I cleaned outta there!  It is gone as per the photo above.

 This building is undergoing restoration by a volunteer group.  It is a 'historic' building in our tiny community. Cracks me up that it is covered with borrowed advertisements. Go GREEN!


  1. Your blog is interesting, has left a great impression.
    Best wishes

  2. love all your pics...and that you live in the desert!!! well it is to me!!! lol!!!
    YAH for a clean craft room too

  3. I love your amazing sunset pictures! I agree in that it is a struggle to try and take different pictures but the end result is always the same - all the pictures you capture are truly amazing because you took them :)

  4. your sunset pictures are phenomenal. and the picture of your kitty almost makes me want another one someday...what beautiful markings!

  5. Those sunset photos are beautiful!

  6. What great photos! I wish I had interesting things to take photos of so I could do week in the life...

  7. girl your photos are great!! what a selection you ended up with! and LOVE the sunset ones and the your super cute kitty :) mwahhh


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