Week in the Life, Day 1

I am trying to follow along with Ali Edwards Week in the Life project this week.  I can't guarentee I'll get these posted daily, but here are a few of my favorite photos from today to share with anyone who is interested.  What I am finding is that we do exactly the same thing every day.  My poor kids rarely have any fun because they do school and never finish or they are in trouble.  This makes me sad. We've tried fun first and hard stuff later and that wasn't any better.  It actually added to their stress because it was then an excuse for why they couldn't get anything done.  Hard.

But, I AM looking for the brighter bits to each day and here are a few in pictures.

So that is a few of the shots I took.  I haven't edited at all so sorry if they seem a little off.  

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  1. Ursula - I love your photos! Really I do. What a great capture of your life in the here & now. you take beautiful photos to boo:)


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