Yikes! MIA

Sorry ya'll!  I've been pretty busy lately and haven't blogged a thing in how long?  A month or so at least.  Not that there are hundreds of you waiting with bated breath or anything, LOL.

I do want to say that I have lost 27 LBS!!!!!  Did you catch that???? 


You may be catching on that I am pretty pleased about that.  I still have two more months before the wedding and feel like my goal of 50lbs by that time is quite attainable.  Not so sure if I'll be able to manage the sexy heels I bought to go with my dress, but we shall see.  I need a lighter girl to carry around at the wedding on those hot heels!

It's been a pretty crazy couple of months.  My son had a major meltdown about 5 weeks ago now that landed him in the psych ward, (his father and I got to stay with him for 2 whole days, aren't we lucky).

My hubby's folks had a motorcycle accident, though thank God they are ok, save for some road rash and broken ribs.  We are beyond thankful for that.  Then we headed to Lake Powell for 9 days of fun in the sun.

Maybe I'll get to start blogging again.  Lots of wedding planning happening recently and we are getting very close!

That's all for now but I hope to update a bit more often in the near future.

A few pics for you, this is a cutie patootie born to my dear friend Chelsea!  I had the privilege of shooting a few candid shots of her when I visited.  Isn't she precious!  Welcome Olivia Grace!


  1. Great to see you back on the blog... waiting for photos of "less you"... I know that is a special blessing. You give ME hope! Thanks for posting this wonderful news. Congratulations! Keep at it!

  2. hey friend ;0) nice to see you back again! woohoo on the weight... go you! your photos are wonderful, what a talent you have for taking candid shots, just beautiful ;0) xx


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