Pride-the ugliest feature

I'm in the middle of week three of Breaking Free, a bible study by Beth Moore.  I did this study before, I'm guessing about 5 years ago.  Somehow, I'm not sure I was 'present' that time.  At any rate, there was I lot I didn't gain freedom from.

Pride was one of those items.  There seems to be only one day dedicated to the eradication of this particular trait, though I can see that a lifetime could easily be required to even begin the process.

As I contemplated today's concepts in the study, I found myself somewhat flustered.  How do I get rid of pride?  It feels next to impossible.  I wondered where is the balance between humility and being a doormat?  Has the way I've viewed this my whole life been completely wrong?  What is true humility?

As I wondered that, I tried to think of a person I know who is humble.  I hope no one will be offended when I say that I could think of no one.  As for me, I'm full to overflowing with myself.  And not one person I know demonstrates humility, at least not as a characterizing trait.  Each person seems full of themselves in one glaring way or another.  Of course, some folks are more humble than others, but ultimately, I could not think of any person that I can emulate so that I might learn how to be humble. 

None.....save one.  Jesus.

Once again, I am struck by the need to 'watch' Him more closely.  To observe how he conducts himself.  What does he say and do?  How does he react? How would I have reacted in that situation?  In each situation I find myself, I am reminded of the need to ask 'What Would Jesus Do'.  It's not just a trite phrase, it should be the way all believers live.

Very difficult to do.  If you know of any great books on this subject or have heard useful teaching, I'd love for you to let me know in the comments section.

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