Yay for me!

I know I already posted today, but I had to post again because I'm proud of me!  I've been purging and sorting and organizing and I now have space in my paper storage!

I've purged ANOTHER 5 inch stack of patterened paper.  Can you believe that?!!  That is a LOT of paper, I gotta tell you.  I think the box I put it in weighs about 20lbs!  LOL, I've lost 20lbs in one day!!!

Here is a picture of HALF of it. (Don't worry, not purging my mist, just put it there for comparison sake) My daugther took the other half after sorting through and picked out what she wanted to keep.

Then, I went into my 'a little something' drawer which was filled with journaling spots and floral die cuts and butterflies and doo-dads and organized that.  Now I have a draw with only journaling spots and one with others pretty things to be added to page with a baggie for word art in that drawer.  No more pawing through and not being able to find what I need.  Yay!

Hmmm, what's next?!

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  1. wow... that is a lot!!! Congrats for the courage to purge! :) and oh, sweetie, my mom is a malay with some chinese blood in her. :))


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