Day 3, not that I'm counting

Well, it's been another day.  And first, I want to put Briana's mind at ease. Don't worry love, I'm not starving myself or any such thing. Just eating according to actual hunger and fullness rather than head hunger and head fullness.  (that's where your mind tells you to eat a bagillion m&m's, or even carrot sticks because it can never be satisfied)

LOL, I'm pretty sure that I'm the least likely candidate on earth for Anorexia.  I love food way to much and can find MANY reasons to justify consuming it.

Back to business, yesterday went pretty well.  I'm expecting my materials for 'The Eden Diet' to arrive today.  I'm sure that will be helpful.  Yesterday, I ate relatively healthy, some salad and fresh pico de gallo at dinner time, soup and a sliver of cheesecake for breakfast (yes I hate breakfast food), a chicken sandwich in the middle, a few cherries and nuts for snacks.  But the key is that none of it was in large quantity. 

I felt really good yesterday and all began incorporating deliberate movement throughout the day.  Not continued exercise, but exercise in small doses, dancing around the house, leg lifts, etc.  I did them here and there.  When I was a little girl, I remember my mama doing that all the time and I thought what a weirdo she was. Now I see why she did it.  It gets boring to me doing an hour of this or that.  So snippets here and there may work well for me.

I'd like to get to the point where I can walk in the evenings or something, but haven't worked up the gumption to do that just yet.  I also need to try out my Zumba.

Oh, and I found this gal's blog(actually, she found me!) that I really like and think I'll try to read it daily, including going back to the beginning of her journey.  Her name is Heidi Bylsma and she's got lots to say about being a healthy eater.  I'm sure I'll share more about her as I move through this journey. 

Today, meet with God and ask for His help.  Begin afresh to seek Him daily and listen to Him daily.

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  1. Hi, Ursula. I am so touched that you mentioned me in your blog. Thank you. I am praying for you! I am so excited that you are beginning this new journey. I know God is going to reveal new and amazing things as you continue.

    One of the things I have found MOST helpful and I want to encourage you with it...since you are leaving food obsession and dieting obsession behind in your approach using the Eden Diet, but many people still get hyper focused on their bodies and weight and stuff...looking for any change.

    Try to trade this obsession or tendency to obsess with a fixation on God and his awesomeness!

    Let me explain: I think you said you don't have a scale? I threw mine out a year ago and I am experiencing so much freedom in that choice. My clothes tell me what I need to know physically, but more...GOD tells me what I really need to know...about if my heart still has an unhealthy attachment to food and if I am bowing before my tastebuds or Almighty GOD more! LOL! I wish there was a scale for the condition of my heart! Anyhow, I want to encourage you, if you can, to use this journey as a chance to really focus on God maybe more than ever. If you find a thought like "Oh! Have I lost weight? Why haven't I lost more weight, yet?" to plague you, change that to focusing on God's character and how wonderful HE is. I believe as we seek first his kingdom, then the rest will be added to us (Matthew 6). I have found it so helpful to keep a running list of God's attributes and what he teaches you about his character and then I take a few minutes each day and, even, throughout the day to praise him for those things on my list...or a few of them. It has transformed my journey.

    God IS doing a new thing in you Ursula! But the enemy is stinking mad...so know that he figures, "THIS MEANS WAR!" Greater is he that is in YOU than he that is in the world.

    You are on your way. :-)


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