Day 6, a little emotional struggle

Hello friends and ME.  Yesterday went pretty well.  I went to Phoenix shopping with a friend and ended up having all my meals out.  Normally, that is a big problem, but I feel like I was able to overcome it.  I didn't eat my whole meal.  Usually eating about half. 

My friend brought along snacks, lots of snacks, but with the exception of 5 or 6 cashews, I let them pass me by.  I am proud of myself for making it through that day without any major difficulties.

Today has felt a little emotional.  I'm not sure that I can identify why exactly. I guess I need to look into that through prayer.  I think one thing that is bothering me is that my husband is teaching my children how to ride a dirtbike. With Kaitlin, I'm not so concerned but Madison and especially Hunter are ridiculous dare devils and I'm pretty confident that when he lets them ride on their own, which is the only way for them to ride since we only have one dirt bike, they will commence trying stunts to outdo whoever is around to see. 

They will be irresponsible and they will be hurt, who knows how bad.  I'm not against motorcycle riding, clearly, since Jeremy has been riding as long as I've known him.  But the irresponsibility of my children does concern me and I admit I'm angry that he would teach them to do something that they don't have the judgement for.  Not only that, but when they get hurt, it will be me who is expected to care for them.  That sounds selfish and perhaps it is, but I will have a hard time feeling sorry for someone who chose to engage in an activity that is dangerous in an irresponsible manner.    OH, nevermind about that.

Tomorrow, my friend Sharon arrives from Texas. It is often tempting to overeat when company comes so I will have a little bit of a challenge,but I shall overcome!!!


  1. yikes girl... hearing you on the dirt bike issue... sending you prayers and hugs on that. hoping your emotional struggles are with God


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