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Hey all, got a variety of events to post about.  First off, my best friend from when I was 9 is coming for a visit!  Yay, don't have that happen too often so we should have a good time together.  She's the traveler and comes to me most of the time.  I rarely get to travel and visit friends as my hubby doesn't like traveling much and dragging all the kiddos.  Lucky for me that Sharon does enjoy it.

I made a new layout last night with my most recent Studio Calico kit.  If you don't know Studio Calico, you NEED to check them out. It's my home away from home, love that place.  So here is that:

The colors in the Partly Sunny are just soooo summery!  They make me smile.

Yesterday's eating went pretty well I think.  I may have overdone slightly, but not enough to get upset about.  Well, really, there is no reason to get upset in general about such things.  Once they are done, they are done and you really need to just move on and make the next decision a better one.  I'm trying to get that mentality stuck solidly in my brain.

I am really getting alot out of The Eden Diet, the book I'm reading by Rita Hancock.  It's really making a lot of sense.  It adds to what I learned in WDW, but somehow it seems even more common sense than the other one I did.  There are alot of studies that outline how she came to her conclusion, perhaps that is what is helping me. Although to be honest, I don't often put a ton of stock in studies.  It seems as though there is a study to prove almost everything.

I think the idea of eating no more than what amounts to the size of your fist in food at a sitting makes alot of sense.  If you're REALLY hungry, no more than two fists.  From my Weigh Down experience, I know that this is plenty of food for my body.  The thing that is the biggest struggle for me is that my body really does require a smaller than average amount of food, so one fistful of food twice a day really does sustain me. 

I do struggle with resenting that since I like to eat.  I love the taste of food and the smell of food and the appearance of food.  I'm not sure if that is wrong thinking that I need to change.  I don't think it is, but I need to get to the point where I'm okay with the fact that I only need to eat twice a day.  Working on that one.


  1. I have heard of that diet before someone I knew in Japan was going to give it a go. Good Luck with that.

    Love love that layout ..

  2. Great layout! Best to you on the changing your eating habits. It is hard hard hard from my perspective, but worth doing.

  3. Well...you WILL be traveling to visit me.

  4. I dearly hope so. Part of me wonders how that will happen before Hunter and Madison are grown. I suppose I'll have to load the three of us up and start driving. That's the only way I can see it happening.

  5. love your layout ;0) it is such a fun kit!

  6. well i can see that dad really loves me too...jeez....


  7. He does, of course. Who knows, perhaps he'll join us. Hard to say how that will look till we're there.


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