Dare I hope?

I'd like to quote Heidi again.  I am reading through her blog journey from the beginning.

This morning I read this: In a way, I hope it is indication that he has delivered me. Dare I hope that? Hmm...

That one line resonated soooo loudly with me.  When I began my Weigh Down journey 10 years ago, I felt so free and I KNEW that I was done with my eating issues.

But conversations with an older woman who had struggled with weight all her life introduced doubt.  I don't recall exactly how she put it, but the message I got was that I better expect to fail eventually.  She didn't have any confidence that my success would be permanent.

I don't blame her for my subsequent failure, but I will say that her words influenced me and I have recounted them again and again over the course of the last 10 years.

Now, I am at a crossroads.  Dare I hope?  I am going to choose to hope and trust that God is doing a new work in me.  I am going to hope that He will heal my heart and my body along with it.  Hope.  Hope in the Lord.

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  1. Hi, Ursula. One thing WDW didn't do and that I want to encourage you to do...figure out how, what, why, where, issues with food began. We were counseled in WD never to do that...that we were sinners and needed to repent *period*. But God has shown me that while I am a new creation in Christ there were things that happened in my life that are vital. Eden Diet is very practical. Dr. Rita is coming out with a new book, I believe, on emotional aspects of eating, but she doesn't touch on that in the Eden Diet much. I have found that trying to deal with my food issues *without* dealing with emotional and spiritual issues of overeating really does end up making eating this way into just another kind of diet. Different, maybe, but a diet nevertheless. I don't know if this is the case for you, but I know that God led me through some really challenging experiences to begin to heal me of some things...this *had* to happen before I could really have my healing be *permanent!* Praying for you.


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