There is a lot to do

As a victim of abuse, a variety of types, I've got stuff to do.  I've got work to heal those wounded places.  I admit I'm  not very consistent at doing that work.  It's hard, painful, exhausting and I feel like I need a vacation for about a week afterward.  But sometimes everything comes to the surface and I can't run a way any more.

Today was one of those days.  But God is faithful and provided the women I needed to help me through a session of intense prayer.  LOL, I'm recovering from my healing prayer now.

Ever have one of those days?   The crying is cleansing and good, but something I very much try to avoid.  It seems it would be so much easier to just avoid it, but that's not a real option.  That just keeps the infection growing when what I need is to lance it. 

Keep praying for me if you would.  I appreciate it.  I'm a needy, broken women.  The cool thing is that just as the seed is needy and broken and must die in order to be reborn in beauty, I am in that same place.  Jesus is planting me and I plan on being a beautiful red poppy shining in His garden.


  1. I LOVE this poppy photo! Makes me want to grow them again! We don't normally have long hot summers, but I have a place in mind that might work for warmth!

  2. I wish I could grow those. I might be able to actually, but they wouldn't grow all summer cause it's too dang hot. Maybe I should try though. Right now is Mexican gold poppy season in the desert and this is a good year for them.


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