I'm melting!!!!

Well, not me, but my poor Maddie is showing every sign of a major melt-down.  I can't figure out if it's because of something she is experiencing which I'm unaware of, or because I've stepped up my attachment efforts recently.  Either way, I thought I'd document the signs so that I can look back and recall just how it happened.

She's taken a real downhill slide with her education recently.  I mean in the tank kind of downhill.  The result, she has convinced herself that there is no way to ever get out of the hole she's dug for herself (especially when you ignore the helping hands offered by any would be rescuers.).  Therefore, there is no use trying so the hole becomes deeper and deeper.  It's rather a circular problem and everyone else is to blame but her.

So here are some of the signs I've seen which I really haven't seen for quite a long time until now.

Lots and LOTS of cracking of the knuckles. (this is a sure sign of an angry girl)
Lots and lots of strange faces and wierd mouth girations.
Nonsense answers to simple questions.
Last nights prayer time suddenly was cut by about 75% of the normal time spent in prayer.  (this was an overnight slide, she'd been really into prayer for some time now but last night was about two sentences with no feeling in any of the words. Not normal for her at all)
This morning, she was freaking out about how I would effectively be able to get her to her orthodontist appointment and still take everyone to school. (like that has ever been a problem before)
She is going back to asking me what I think she should wear and then promptly wearing the opposite.  (haven't seen this in several years.  I had just gotten to the point of actually making suggestions since she'd shown that she really wanted them)
Constant chatter when there is no other noise or distraction, usually about nonsense.
Woe is me kind of talk.  Lots of this.

I calmly told her this morning that dad and I could see that something was really bothering her and that we'd like to help her process that and figure out what the root of it was.  I let her know that we are going to be making sure that she has lots of opportunity to sit quietly and calmly to think about what is bothering her and when she's ready, we'll work it out together.

Recently, I've been working on snuggling with her, reminding her more often how much I love her and giving lots of loving eye contact and hugs and such.  I think it's getting to her, poor thing.  I should beware, she'll be trying to hurt me specifically any time now, but I have Christine on my side and can find new ways to deal.  Thanks again Christine.  And thank you Jesus, you're the one that knew the end of this from the beginning and gave us all the strength to get through it with power!!!

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