While spending time with our friends the Coults in Mexico, Doug told us a few stories from his time in India just after the massive Sunami struck several years ago.  The tales wrenched our hearts and minds.  How can any people endure such pain?  How can anybody be unaffected by such tragedy?  How can a person help in such a situation?

This week, we've been faced with a situation which looks all too familiar.  Haiti.

As the reports go out of the seemingly endless body count the world looks on in sympathy, but largely helpless.  At least that is what it looks like to me.  The need that I read over and over is for money to buy medical supplies, basic food and water.  Certainly many of us can send money to this desperate situation.  Certainly we can pray.

But ultimately, we are helpless.  A limited number of people can enter the country and help those who are there.  Massive quantities of people going to Haiti to help would become a logistical nightmare as food to care for the locals and rescue works just isn't available.

It will take time.  What help can be given effectively will be given.  I am praying for supplies to be able to be gotten into the country.  I am praying for wisdom for those skilled rescue workers to know exactly what steps to take.  I am praying that God will show Himself clearly in the lives of the people.  I am praying for light and life.  We have no choice but to be on our knees for this nation.  I hope you will join that effort as well as the effort to raise funds for supplies for the hurting people.

If you don't know where to donate, here are a few of links that you can use.
Heartline Ministries
Worldwide Village
World Vision

Cry out to God for these people, please.  God promises to hear us when we humble ourselves in prayer to Him with repentant hearts and a desire to bless Him.

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