I picked it up in Mexico

Are you sick of hearing about Mexico yet?  I hope not.  I've still got some more things to say.  I am telling you, Mexico changed my life.  Spiritually, physically and just in the way I think about my day.

This is one of the tricks I picked up while I was there.  Tortilla making.  I wouldn't say I've mastered the art by any stretch.  And as my Mexican friend from church, Sergio, says, I've got to make them every day if I want to get truly good at it.  It seems like a big undertaking for every day. So far, I've been doing it somewhere around 1.5 times per week.  They are improving.

This was the very first batch, quite tasty, lots of fun and I even found authentic beer bottles along the roadside to roll them out with. (Yes, I washed them thoroughly before using them, don't worry) Whether or not they were perfectly made, they photographed well and that's half of the goal for me.

I have always been a maker of Pico de Gallo, here is an example.  This is something that I had already perfected while living here in the states, but my motivation for making it more often was renewed while I was across the border.  It's pretty, once again, a photo op.

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