She Sings Sweetly

My Millie sang tonight. She's a lot like me, always doing something in front of people.

I think she does it better. It was such a pleasure to hear her angel voice singing "Mio Bel Foco", which is quite a difficult opera type piece (I know next to nothing about opera, but it was in Italian and was high!)

She showed up the rest of the choir quite badly. And no, I'm not just saying that because she's mine. It was like we were listening to a broken radio and suddenly we got to listen to a digitally mastered version. Sooooooo much better. Well, being on pitch was an unusual experience this evening for many of the performers. Poor kids, and then they had to watch her finish the thing. I suspect a love hate relationship, they love her, but must be jealous. Poor kids. :(

I like listening to her!

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