Maddie makes a project

Madison had a mission for this weekend. Her classmates had put together a gift giveaway, but it had to be something handmade. Being the perfectionist that she is, it could not be simple. No, it needed to be elaborate.

You should have seen the first project she had in mind! She eventually settled on a card kit that I had purchased a few years ago and set to work making it unique with stamps, ink and cut paper shapes. (I was happy that she finally got to use my Quick Kutz, which have been collecting dust for years now!)

It ended up being a project that several of us got involved in, teaching Maddie to use pigment inks to add color and dimension as well as the addition of a variety of art stamps for texture. Lots of fun. Here is her project as it progressed. I think she was happy with the final result. I know that I was, looked like eye candy to me!
I didn't get the impression that the girl who received it was as excited about it as we were, but that's okay. It ended up being inspiring to Millie and to me and Maddie got to finish something with pride!

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  1. I love when our fam gets involved in one of the kids (or my own!) projects. It always turns into such a cool experience and we learn things about one another we never would have known...and the project ALWAYS turns out better!

    Like mini me's geography project http://curiousgeorgeandhollyhobby.blogspot.com/2009/12/cake-garden-completion.html

    too many cooks may spoil the soup
    but all the cooks definitely make a good cake!

    Have a great day!


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