Can I do it twice in one day?

Post I mean. I have more thoughts. Well, not really thoughts I guess, but desire to get out some of the excess emotional energy I have spinning around in my brain.

I thought I'd entertain myself with a bit o' writin' to get some of the little buggers out of my poor tired brain.

Do you ever feel like that? Like there is just a lot of stuff swirling around in your head and if you don't get some of it out, you're brain might well explode. (and that would be too big a mess to clean up) And you don't even know that you have anything to say......exactly. But you want to say IT, whatever it is, anyway.

Yeah, now you know how truly crazy I am. Pretty wierd and flukey.

Here, let me list some of things that are occupying my brain tonight.

1. I really need to get some pictures done, worked on and out the door.

2. I really want to read more of my bible tonight, wonder if I'll manage that before my head hits the pillow. (oh yeah, I could be doing that right now huh!?)

3. Gosh, my office/craft room is a mess. When the heck am I ever going to get it organized.

4. Gosh, the rest of my house is a mess and I really need to paint the kitchen.

5. Oh yeah, taxes.

6. What dear? What dear? What dear? WHAT dear? WHAT DEAR?!!!!!

7. Of course I'd love to stop what I'm doing to do what you'd like me to do.

Any one relate to that?

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  1. Yeah Ursula, it is fun to see your blog come to life. I haven't been writing on my in eternities. I really can relate to your post. Sometimes you need to write to get those swirling ideas a bit organized lol


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