Heading Out

Hey there friends. Yep, I'm talking to my two and a half readers. Wave good-bye. I'm heading to Mexico (said with my very convincing Latin accent!)

You may be wondering, if you know when I'm supposed to be leaving, why it is that I'm writing at 11:20 at night. Well, it rained. Not just a little, no. It rained buckets, beginning at about 8:30 just as my poor hubby was going to head out to finish packing the trailer with things that can't get wet.

Depending on where you live, you may think this not so abnormal. But I live in the desert. It DOES NOT RAIN! Really, we only get 12 inches a year on a good year with most of them coming in July and August. Not only that, but winter rainy season is in January/February.

My husband is growing in perseverance, character and ultimately building hope. You can really tell by looking at him tonight! (uh....just kidding, he's actually pretty frustrated, poor man)

So, in honor of this unusual winter rain and hail storm, I am posting one last blog to say GOODBYE to all of my friends. I'll miss you. I'm really glad that some of you are visiting me and I hope to have some great pictures and some spiritual lessons to share when I back. In the meantime, pray that we don't have to bribe anyone, that just wigs me out a bit, especially since I don't speak the language and haven't ever had to bribe anyone.

Oh, and if anyone wants to see my most recent finished wedding, you can click Chris and Christie

Aren't they beautiful!


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