Home again

Hey there friends!  I'm back from my adventure!  And what an adventure it has been.  I'm not at all sure of where to begin or what to tell. 
I know that I am changed. 
I know I will forever see myself and others in a different light.
I know that possessions and the question of whether or not I need a thing will be much more of a struggle than it ever was before.
I know that I saw beauty in ways that I believe most American people would be blind to.
I know that God works miracles.
I know that there is power in preaching the Word of God and in singing praises to Him.
I know that life is something to be shared with others who are on the journey.
I know that there is much I need to give up.
I know that I'll be blessed when I do.
I know that there is always someone with less than I have that is greater than me.
I know that there is much more life than most of us ever experience.

Perhaps I'll try to distill some of this in written form over the next few days.  For now, I am thankful for the opportunity and I honestly cannot wait to go back, even though it's darned inconvenient living in Mexico.

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