It's Been A While -- Sharing more story

For those of you who've been wondering whether I'd get back to sharing the rest, I do apologize for the delay.  I'm not sure that I can explain why I've had such a tough time getting back to this but it's been hard.  I've deliberated about exactly how to proceed and gotten nowhere, so today, I'm just going to sit down to write.

If this is your first time reading my story, you can find the beginning all the way to this point here.

As I shared last time, I had a car, which meant I had to be able to work enough to pay for gas (40 miles from my home to anything at all!) and insurance and my smoking habit.  Dad had never been one to give me anything much in the way of money and so if I wanted it I had to work for it.

At that point, my Dad had a small business selling plants at the local Swap Meet (an outdoor flea market for those anywhere except for Arizona).  The place was open on Wednesday evenings as well as Friday through Sunday.   Since we'd been around the Swap Meet for about six months by that time, I easily landed a job working in their snack bar establishment.

It was an uncomplicated position, serving soft drinks and over-steamed hotdogs to hoards of bargain hunters.  It didn't require a lot thinking, but it did require stamina so I was good to go. I also I was able to move up quickly (not that there was far to go, LOL).  Many of the employees were short-term and so any longevity at all made you a candidate for upward mobility among the 'elite' staff.(yes, believe it or not, there was an attitude of elite at the Swap Meet.  I find it laughable now, but its true.)

Within about 9 months, I was managing my own snack bar.  That meant slightly more pay per hour and the opportunity to work a LOT of hours.  The result was that I began working 40+ hours every week between those 4 days.  I'd work 5-10 on Wednesdays.  3 - 12 on Fridays.  7-2:30, 30 minute break and then 3-12 on Saturday. 7-2:30, 30 minute break and 3-8 on Sunday's.  Sometimes I'd work a little less than that, but mostly that was my gig.

It happened that there were also 'The Coke Cart' guys.  They were the epitome of coolness.  They were college age and drove their carts all over the Swap Meet offering cold soda's for sale right off of their carts.  And one of them caught my eye. Mike was tall, blond and the coolest Punk Rocker I'd ever laid eyes on. And he was fine! (yep, screaming 80's!)  I was absolutely smitten.

Mike was also a friendly fellow. He drove a sweet baby blue rag top bug and wore his hair in a perfect punk rock doo.  I would've given anything for him to notice me.  The trouble is, I really wasn't a Punk Rocker myself (I tried, I truly did, but I'm not sure it quite took).  And so, as much as Mike was nice and always polite and would chat, he really wasn't interested.

Funny story.....Once, I was checking out Mike and his fine self as he walked away from the snack bars. I was on my way into one of those snack bars.  But I was so focused on a certain young man's backside that I opened the door smack into.......yes, you guessed it, my face.  Huge bloody lip!  Embarrassed much?

Well, Mike hadn't noticed me but Jon, another Coke Cart driver did.  Jon was one of those guys that everyone likes really well.  Always nice, always polite, always offering a hand with whatever you might need.  But he really wasn't my type.  I'm not going to say he was unattactive per se, but he wasn't attractive to me. (I've had a thing for tall blond haired, blue-eyed muscular guys for as long as I can recall and Jon didn't fit that description).

But, Jon was also persistant (another of his positive qualities) and so after being asked out more times than I can recall, I finally consented to join him for a movie after work.  This was my first real date. (Heck, it might of been the only real date I ever had thinking back)  It seemed like I was on cloud nine.

Jon also drove a cool bug, but his was slammed with dark tinted windows, shiny red paint and the thumpinest stereo I'd ever experienced.  I felt pretty cool, going out with a college man.

Our date was nice, just a movie and then Jon drove me home.  We hung out in my room, which was actually a small travel trailer parked near our mobile home.  Around 1 am, my dad came out and sent Jon packing with a gruff, 'it's time for you to leave young man'.  Perfectly appropriate.  Before he left, he asked if he could kiss me and I allowed it.

Yeah, me and cloud 9, we were good friends now.  Jon was suddenly more attractive than I'd initially thought.  We had talked and talked and Jon seemed to 'get' me.  He liked me, and he was willing to drive 40 miles to date me.  This was a good thing!  And so it began.  My very first romance.


  1. Thanks for sharing this ... I used to go to those Swap Meet's a lot! LOL! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing. Blessings to you!

  3. Jon...hmph. ;) GLad I'm not the only one dating older Jons, lol

  4. I'm glad you've resumed your story. You've led a very interesting life. I cringe a lot as I read through your difficult childhood, but it helps knowing that there is a happy ending. :)


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