Hello Friday -- 33 Questions

I came across this list of questions on my blogland friend Kristin's blog and thought I'd follow her lead.  Thanks Kristin.  She got the list of questions from here.  It seems like a good list of questions for self-evaluation, and will allow whomever takes the time to read it the chance to know me a little better.

1. What Do You Do For A Living?

I am a wife, mother, freelance photographer and I'm married to a man whose income pays all of our bills and then some.  But to live, I trust Jesus.  If all the $$ were gone tomorrow, I'd be trusting Jesus alone to provide me with what I needed.  That may look like me going out and finding gainful employment.  All I can really say is that in order to live, I have to trust Jesus.  Otherwise it's just going through the motions.

2. Who Do You Love?

My husband, my children, my family, my very dear friends, my church family, and by God's grace, whoever crosses my path and to whom I can share some of the love that God has given me.

3. Do You Have Enough Money?

Yes, and then some.  I do believe that the more one has, the more one ought to give to those in need. This will bring satisfaction that can't be compared with spending on oneself or even on ones loved ones.

4. Are You Healthy?

Yes, I am.  I could improve in terms of physical fitness, but I know I've been very blessed in the way of health.

5. Do You Think You Are a Good Person?

In myself, without the life that Jesus has given me, no.  I'm selfish, crabby, demanding and tunnel-visioned.  However, since I have chosen to trust Jesus, my attitudes have changed dramatically.  I care for people, I try to reach out where I can.  I am reliable.  I am honest.  I am a good listener. I try each day to grow into a better representation of Jesus.  But after all of that is said, left to my own devices, I'd not be good.

6. How Old Are You?

I'm 40, though I often still feel like a child.  I like to be silly and crazy, but also philosophical and deep.  I am so glad of the wisdom I've gained but I do resist becoming a fuddy-duddy.  I hope that I can continue enjoying life, and people of all ages for the rest of my life.

7. Who’s Your Best Friend?

My husband. Though I have been blessed with a number of women in my life who are also best friends.  Jesus. Though even Jesus comes to me through others.  I have found that 'best friendship' is difficult to contain in a single individual.  Each person in my life offers something different, though equally precious.  And then, I am also a friend to myself.

8. What’s Your Childhood Dream?

My childhood dream was that my mother would become well and my father would return to us.  It was to have a healthy intact family.  That didn't come true, but I've been able to build my own healthy family I think.

9. How Often Do You Laugh?

All the time.  I couldn't begin to count.  I love to laugh. LOVE IT!

10. What Makes You Smile?

My husband and son working together, hearing of my children's successes, a new baby, flowers along the roadside, my dog Bean, my cat George, a pretty item of clothing, a message to me through scripture, a good song, a cup of tea, remembering precious moments, seeing other people enjoying each other, pretty paper and scrapiness, a good story, love, sparkly things just about anywhere

11. Who’s Your Most Dangerous Enemy?

Satan.  He's the enemy of my heart and spends alot of energy trying to bring me down.  If I forget he's there, working behind the scenes, I can become his victim.  If I keep in mind that he's always there to trip me up, I have a better chance of thwarting him.

12. Where Do You Live?

In the home my husband and I bought 12 years ago in the Sonoran desert.  While I feel comfortable in my home, I've never felt the desert is really my home.  I sometimes wonder if that is true, or am I just resistant.  I don't imagine ever feeling good about living here.  I've tried for many years but I can't get over the fact that I still feel like its the wrong place to be.

13. Do You Think You’re Strong?

Yes, though I certainly have weakness as well.  I know I am strong because I've overcome a past riddled with pain to live a good life, a positive life and to be able to impact other people in a positive way.  For many years, others have told me I am strong and I have come to believe them.  At times, this feels like arrogance, but I think denying what is true in order to appear humble would be just as arrogant.

14. What Was The Most Important Thing You’ve Done So Far?

First, trust Jesus.  Second, follow his leading.  That leading led me to be a mother before being a career woman.  It led me to sacrifice my desires to be a mother to children who otherwise wouldn't have one.  My husband and I have been able to give several children a hope and a future through the power of Jesus and that is the most important thing I have done.

15. What Was The Most Stupid Thing You’ve Done So Far?

Ha, I've done lots of stupid things.  But the overarching stupidest thing I think I've done is indulge my own pride.  It pushes people away, hurts them, hurts me and gets nothing at all accomplished. When I think of all the things that could have been different if I'd been humble I cringe. But now, I do try to walk in humility as often as I can recognize how to do it.

16. Do You Love Yourself?

Yes, I believe I do.  But I haven't always. I think part of the reason is that I've come to terms with my weaknesses and I seek to improve them.  I think that without that honesty, it'd be hard to love ones self.

17. What Do You Fear The Most?

Being out of control.  I relate this to getting old and being unable to do for myself. Or to watching people I love make poor choices. Or not being able to choose what, how, when, where about a thing.  This is something I'm finally learning to address.  I'm trying to intentionally let go of what I can't control anyway. (which is most everything incidentally)

18. What Is Your Favorite Word?

I love words.  I really do.  And I know I have favorites but I can't call one up at present.  I tend to like high sounding words.  Big words.  Words with class and sophistication.  I'm an avid reader and one of my favorite things about reading is learning new words.

19. When Was The Last Time You Cried?

Full on cried?  I can't recall.  I'm not much of a crier.  I hate to cry.  I think it makes me feel out of control.  But I did have a tear come to my eye at the end of Downton Abbey last week.

20. What Is The Best Thing That Could Happen To You Right Now?

If I could get a true handle on being physically fit along with the motivation to address this.  Whethor or not that is truly the best thing, it seems like it would be.

21. What Is The Worst Thing That Could Happen To You Right Now?

Losing my faith in Jesus

22. Picture Yourself In 5 Years From Now

I'll be more like Jesus than I am now, hopefully alot.

23. Do You Regret Anything?

Giving way to anger 

24. What’s The First Thing You Do In The Morning?

Look for my dog, he's very faithful.

25. What Are You Thinking Just Before Going To Bed?

This is a big problem for me.  I have trouble turning my brain off and going to sleep.  Usually, it has to do with whatever I read, or the last conversation I had, or some design idea I am working on.  I think this is often a time that I beat myself up for being less than perfect.

26. What Was The Highest Point You’ve Ever Been To?

The mountains of Southwest Colorado.  Or maybe the pass from Yosemite to the east.  I feel happy in the mountains.  Truly feels free and so very beautiful.  Aesthetic beauty is a thing that fills me like not much else.

27. If There’s One Thing In Your Life You Want To Change Right Now, What Is It?

I would live somewhere green and well watered.  

28. What Are You Proud Of?

The things I've taught myself without formal education.  Photography, design, singing, cooking.  I never went to college but I have some killer skills and I'm proud of having made the effort to learn them.  In all of them, I could learn more and have hopes that I will, but in a world that values formal education, I am proud to have bucked the system and still be a person of varied and strong abilities.

29. Sum Up Your Life In One Sentence

I am a woman who has moved forward, with a step backward here and there, but mainly forward.

30. Name The Thing That Annoys You The Most

Unchecked pride.  It results in lies, and one-upping and stepping all over people without conscience.  I despise seeing people step on others to further themselves.  When one person thinks they are so much more important than anyone else it just makes me want to vomit.  And I have to say that almost no one will admit to this but the majority of people display it more often than they have any idea.

31. What Is Your No 1 Question To God?

Why do you not reveal yourself in a tangible way more often?

32. Do You Have Secrets?

Very few, but the reason would be fear of what someone else would think.

33. What Makes You Laugh?

Usually, it is stuff that is just ridiculous and doesn't hurt someone else.  Silly plays on words for example.  
Ok, I lied. There are 34 questions:

34. Are You Happy?

Overall, I believe so.  However, depression is something I struggle with and which at times pulls me down.  However, even when depressed, I realize how blessed I am.


  1. thanks for sharing so much of yourself, you are a beautiful person dear friend both on the inside and out :)

  2. This is wonderful... loved reading more about you!

  3. Wonderful answers - you are an incredible person!

  4. Beautiful post :) So glad you decided to share!

  5. I am so glad that I followed you from 2Peas. I am thoroughly encouraged by your answers, and I am going to be praying for that kind of bravery to answer those questions as honestly as you did.

  6. Glad you shared about yourself...if you don't mind I would like to borrow the questions for a post in the future! Thanks so much...Every so often on my blog I do an About me post...this would be perfect for the next one.


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