I Mustache You a Question!

Hola chicas! Today I want to show you one of my layouts from this months awesome Scrapbook Circle kits, Story Time  and  Page Turner, both of which are still available in the shop!  I have to say that the colors in these kits just make my heart sing.  I'm a HUGE fan of all that rainbow.  

I ended up making three of my most favorite layouts in a while from these kits and today!  Be looking for the others to show up in the next week or so.

I started my inspiration with the 'Mustache' brad.  It reminded me of some photos from my daughter's wedding that I hadn't yet scrapped.  

After that, I found this great Pinterest inspiration piece.  It's not an absolutely direct take, but if you have a look, you'll see LOTS of similarity I believe.

I was very inspired by the varied grid design on the room and wall and wanted to repeat the feel on my page below.

One of my favorite bits is the use of the roller stamp with some mists to create a 'drip painting'.  I actually decided to unmount the stamp from the roller so that I could apply different ink colors to the stamp to create my image.  I then mixed mists and water to drip them down the page underneath the stamped image.

I did a lots of chopping of borders and stickers to get the final look on my page.  It's a little unusual in that there aren't many laers involved but it still feels a bit layered to me because of the many pieces and patterns involved.

What are the patterns in this months kit inspiring you to create?  What pieces can you not wait to play with??


  1. This is sooooooooo fun! I love love love the photos, the mustache brad and love love love love love that 'dripping' paint you created!!! FABULOUS!!!!

  2. This is a great layout! I love the "silly" topic....it is an underrated necessity of life for "grown ups!" That kit has some great stuff in it...I love the brads.

  3. What a fun layout, love the mustache brad :)

  4. great layout! The photos are super rad!

  5. Super fun, Ursula!! LOVE, LOVE what you did with the roller stamp - fantastic!

  6. Love all the colors very fun layout.

  7. Very fun layout Love the colors and how the elements are spread around

  8. All of these pieces are so drool worthy. Would love to play with any of them, what you did was just amazing!


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