Hello Thursday -- December Daily Week 2

Here we are again with another installment of my DD.  I have to admit that I am having more and more fun as I go along on this project.  I got to think up fun ways to incorporate more than one or two photos on some of the days which had a number of notable events.  I think that may be my favorite part.

The only trouble is will I have enough room for it all in the end.  Will have to be more particular as I finish up.  Or perhaps I'll only go to day 25??  I've completed to day 20 so far, but I'm only showing you week 2 this time.

Here we go!

Here is where things began to get super busy.  What else is a girl to do but add things in.  And besides, I had some great OA Miscellany from last year that I hadn't found a reason to use. The 12th turned out to be the perfect opportunity.

The POW paper was in the kit to be cut in the Silhouette, but I've been using it as borders quite happily.

Today was Hunter's 18th birthday as well as a shopping day for me.  I wanted to do something for his special day so I decided to use a bag to create a page just about Hunter.  The trickiest part was how to keep the bag secured so the photo doesn't fall out.  Paper clip seems to do the trick and looks cute besides.

Here is what is found inside the bag!  Hunter with a wry grin.

 And how it looks when the photo is slipped inside and layered with some other fun pieces.

This is the 14th, a dy of great pain for our nation.  I left one page very nearly blank as a memorial to the lives lost in CT.

However, life did go on.  I provided a meal for a recuperating church member and observed a rainbow in the skies of all the unexpected site on a cold winter day.  Perhaps it was meant to serve as a reminder that God is still waiting for us to seek Him in times of trouble.

The skies were gorgeous in all directions.

We all went out to dinner to celebrate Hunter's b-day.

I'll see you next time!  Have a great day!


  1. These look amazing!!!! I honored those lost on the 14th page of my DD also -- I haven't seen too many others do it though -- odd... I thought I would see a ton that did that ... anyhoo.. I loveeeeeee your pages!! BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. Oh, wow- just amazing details and I LOVE your gorgeous handwriting- makes for some pretty awesome journaling :D- thanks so much for sharing!


  3. Wonderful second week, Ursula! Love all of the sparkle and shine of the pictures - very festive!...can't wait to see the rest!

  4. Your pages have been fun to see. TFS. Laura. Www.whosthischick.com

  5. Beautiful. I loved looking at these.


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