Hello Thursday -- Lily Bee has a NEW BLOG

You have got to go and see the new Lily Bee Design Blog!! Lily Bee has made some terrific changes you'll really love.  I think my very favorite are the new collection specific galleries. One for each collection, Buttercup, Handmade, Victoria Park and Double Dutch.  Make sure you head over and poke around a bit!

And there is yet more excitement coming up.  Stay tuned tomorrow to get the whole scoop.

To tide you over, I've got a sweet little sneaky peek to share.  I had FUN creating this little beauty.

I'm sorry to say that I ran out of time today to write more of my story, but I'll get back to it, I promise.  For now, I'll leave you with another photo which I think illustrates hope in a very tangible way.

This amazing blossom is from the Cereus Greggi plant, or Night Blooming Cereus.  It grows wild in my part of the world, and this one specifically, along with five other plants spread out, lives in my yard.  It is part of the ugliest, plainest looking cactus sort of thing you ever want to see.

The truth is, it looks like a scrawny, thirsty and very dead cactus carcass.  But once a year, on the Summer Solstice (or very near it) it blooms an incredible bloom in the middle of the night.  By mid-day the next day, the blooms are shriveled.

But for one night and a few hours the next morning, it is something truly glorious to behold both with the eyes and the olfactories!  It is pollinated by the Sphinx moth which is a pretty nifty thing all it's own.  (huge being the operative word, but also quite lovely)

I figure if something beautiful can come from that poor forgotten plant, something beautiful can come from just about anything God wants it to!

Have a beautiful day and I'll see ya tomorrow!


  1. Stunning photo, and exciting to see that Lily bee will be joining the blog-o-sphere!!

  2. In Mt. Home, Idaho my mom said I was born after a really serious rainstorm. In the desert flower seldom bloom. She said she looked out the window and saw the most beautiful sight the next morning when the desert was covered with an assortment of pinks, reds, whites. So she calls me her desertflower :)

  3. oh so pretty and I have really enjoyed reading your story, of how you can look back and share how you have made your life so great.

  4. Love the sneak, and the pic is beautiful!

  5. Fabulous sneak! I can't wait to see the rest.

  6. Beautiful flower! Thanks for explaining it's unique properties/life cycle - that information makes your photo all the more beautiful!

  7. I always love your work Ursula, beautiful photo!

  8. what a beautiful photo...and the significance is even more beautiful. God certainly shows us His creative might all around us. thank you for sharing this!

  9. What an absolutely AMAZING photo!


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