Photo a Day -- Mar 18-24

Yep, still running behind as you can tell.  Here are my photos from a week ago.  Enjoy!

Sunday, March 18 --Madison and her friends Heather and Chelsey spent some time together today having lunch and visiting. Maddie wanted to tell them why she would be leaving home for such a long time. After lunch, they all came to our house and we took some pics. Jumping on the tramp had to be the most fun!

Monday, March 19 -- We had the strangest storm today. It snowed, it hailed, it did what is pictured here which is some combination of snow and hail. Hard little balls of snow, not really ice. This all fell in a matter of a few minutes, covering everything super fast!

Tuesday, Mar 20 -- Once the storm was moving out we had some really interesting clouds. This was interesting as the bank of cloud seemed so isolated to this one spot on the Rincon Mountains.

Wednesday, March 21 -- Even kitties take time to stop and smell the spring flowers.

Thursday, March 22 -- Snow capped mountains after the storm. The Santa Ritas north side faces us. I am often surprise at how long they hold the snow.

Friday, March 23 -- Jeremy provides entertainment for the kitchen crew while everyone waits to eat the cheesecake Rebecca made.

Saturday, March 24 -- Madison has been talking about cutting her hair for at least a year and a half. Since she's going to be heading to a place where caring for it won't be as easy, she decided now was the time to actually do it. How cute she is both ways but the short hair is a nice change.

I hope you're having a fantastic week!


  1. Oh girl, my heart is so sore for you right now, huge hugs. I love her hair short, she looks very sophisticated :) You are blessed like me to have mountains in your back yard, it seems all i do is take pictures of them

  2. It's been a while since I've read you blog... Where is Madison going? She looks so pretty with that short hair!

  3. i love that hair short too....so pretty
    and wow on the weather you have been having...crazy!!!

  4. Love your pictures Ursula.... And I love love love mountains (we dont have any in Denamrk) whenever we are on vacation and the country has mountains its the first I check out every day- its crazy but they never stop to amaze me...
    Madison is such a pretty girl-With the long hair and with the shorter :)

  5. Great pictures! I wish I had that view from my front window. Gorgeous! Love Madison's haircut. Very pretty. :-)

  6. Wow! Your view is gorgeous!! And I like her hair short or long. Either way, she is a beauty! : )

  7. Madison is gorgeous, especially with that cute cut. And whoa! What a storm! Great pics, as always.

  8. You take such beautiful photos, Ursula. Wishing you a wonderful week!

  9. lovely pictures ursula...and your daughter's haircut is fabulous. :) hope she is enjoying it!

  10. Thanks for sharing this slice of life, once again! I love Madison's short hair, she looks really pretty!!


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