Photo a Day - Week 6 and a Sneak!

Hi friends.  So sorry I didn't post yesterday.  Our lives have been touched by another 'issue' and we just had such a busy weekend that I was completely unprepared to post.  I missed all of you!  I'll be sharing one day this week some of what we were touched by as a sort of PSA because I think it's an issue that needs to be public so people can beware. Keep an eye out for that ok.

I've got another little sneak to share from the next project that will go live on the Scrapbook Circle blog.

I have to tell you that this is one of my favorite layouts I've created in a while and I cannot wait to share the whole thing with you!  I hope you like it too!

Now for my photo a day project.  I am so enjoying capturing these moments.  I don't think I can express how important I believe this project is turning out to be.  I really do feel like it requires me to look at my daily life in a new and more beautiful light.  Not to mention the fact that it is challenging my photography skills and helping me grow in that craft too.

Sunday, Feb 5 -- Hunter is trying to prepare himself for the recital which is happening next Saturday. I can hardly believe that he is still writing a song for that occasion now rather than polishing one that's been long since done. That would freak me out it if were me.

Monday, February 6 -- This is one of those random around my house shots. In this case, it's part of my tape collection. I do have quite a love for tape and I must admit that looking at this in it's basket gives me such a happy feeling! All that color and pattern just has a way of making me smile.

Tuesday, February 7 -- Very excited to meet and snuggle with this little person today. Baby Jack arrived yesterday at around 1:15 PM Weighing 7lbs 13.6 oz. He is perfect, of course!

Wednesday, February 8 -- My tree is still up......don't judge.

Thursday, February 9 -- Cleaning day means towels get thrown in front of the laundry room. I liked the way these looked like a stop light. It's as if they were saying, STOP! Put me in the laundry!

Friday, February 10 -- My beautiful girl Millie, came to visit today along with Michael. Michael and Jeremy worked on Mike's truck while us two girls caught up. I always love a good sit-down with my Millie! Isn't she lovely?!

Saturday, February 11 -- Hunter had his guitar recital today. He invited me to sing lead for him while he played lead guitar and Jeremy played drums, Kirk played Electric and Jeremy 2 played base and keys. My favorite moment? When I got to the 'Lai, la, Lai's' in the song and I looked over at Hunter and he was grinning like crazy and singing along too! What an awesome moment to have shared! (there was a video taken so I have some hope of being able to share that performance with all of you at some point.)

That's it! It was a crazy busy week once again, and this one doesn't look to be any different. Hope yours is shaping up well!


  1. wonderful sneak, Ursula! and Millie - you're absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. fab sneak girl, can't wait to see the rest. Can't wait to see the vid :)

  3. What a whirlwind of a week! Hope you get some quiet, down time this week to craft away! :)

  4. Great photos and I love the sneak!

  5. Another set of GORGEOUS photos! :)
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. that sneak looks pretty amazing. i love your photos!

  7. The sneak looks great! Love seeing your photo's.

  8. Awesome photos! I love seeing life in photography!

  9. Love that little sneak!! And I am so envious of your tape... :) It all looks so pretty sitting there.

    Great captures of the past few days too. LOVE it.

  10. BUSY~! Lovin' the sneak - can't wait to see!!
    Great pics too - TFS :)
    Happy Valentine Day, Ursula! xo

  11. Thanks SO much for sharing! I have to tell you that I look forard to seeing your pictures every week! You are doing such a great job with this project :)

  12. love the sneak. Your photos are fabulous!

  13. Love the Scrapbook Circle layouts you did! You "made" me buy the kit!! Congrats to Hunter on his song and Millie is beautiful!
    Karen P (kphike)

  14. those floral tapes are gorgeous! and how special to sing with your son :) what a wonderful memory!

  15. Ursula, I love love love love your blog, and could spend ages here :)
    Love your style of scrapbooking and your eye for color.. and your photography is awesome too!

    I could go on and on, but will stop. And thank you for stopping by my blog today! LOved learning more about you thro your blog today!


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