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Hiya!  Can you believe that I am STILL working on my December Daily?!  But I am determined to get it finished this time around.  No more of this 2 weeks done business and then no more.  I have loved this format so much and I think it is what has made it possible to complete the project, at least in large part.

Being able to choose one photo to enlarge and then either another large or several small seems to cut down on the decision making.

I continue to simplify here toward the end.  I'm not sure why it seems harder to be super creative on these last pages.  I certainly use the same base format again and again on my regular projects but somehow this feels a bit more constricted, or at least like it needs to be more cohesive in terms of style of each page.

Here is day 21

I have quite the fascination with the lines of colorful laundry there.  Everyone wheres much brighter clothing as a general rule and so each one seemed to me to be a feast for the eyes and I kept snapping away each time I saw one.

I love that we got to go and learn how to wrap tamales the traditional way. They actually tie them down there, which is different from what I typically see here, so close to Sonora. (If I'd had another daughter, I would have named her Sonora.  Just sayin')

And here is day 22

We had a super long day shopping.  It didn't help that by this time, I'd gotten the terrible, nasty, awful bug that would plague me for an entire month.  I came down with it hard immediately after singing at the church meeting on Wednesday night and I was never the same after that.  In fact, I'm still not sure that my sinuses have completely healed. Either that or I developed bags under my eyes while in Mexico overnight.

See that 'Dewey' colored stencil, that is the reverse image of a shape I cut in my silhouette for another project.  Love how it came out.

We didn't get to get out and wonder around in the open market this trip, not enough time.  But I was able to snap this quick 'drive by' photo.  I absolutely LOVE the colors and textures and the fact that the roof is a big blue tarp!

I have three more days to go and then I can put this project and all its extra's away.  Yes, it is taking up a LOT of space on my desks.  I'll appreciate it's being finished.

Have a LOVELY!


  1. I love your DD? I am so impressed that you are keeping it going. I was very relieved to finish mine albeit a month late!

  2. oh there is hope yet for me to finish mine :) just need to find the time and commit to it! lol yours looks fab girl :) blessings xx

  3. Love your DD pages Ursula!
    I am still working on mine too, just need to take a break from it now and then ;)

    I am sure your finished DD album will be beautiful :)

  4. hee hee.... love your pages of your DD!!!! :)))

  5. Love seeing your pages! I see some Hambly too!

  6. I love your DD, it's so inspiring. I'm going to jump in and do one next year (this year?) thanks to you and a few others.

  7. great stuff, I love how you make the picture the focus.

  8. It will be so fun to have this finished! Great looking.

  9. Great pages, Ursula!
    I have yet to start my December album, but I am doing more of a recap.
    Not a daily.

    Sorry you were sick down there.
    I have gotten sick every single time I've been to Mexico!

  10. I only have one word for your projects today - wonderful! :)

  11. Amazing. I am still working on mine too. I only have a few pieces of journaling & things to print out but it still needs done...so hopefully soon I will sit down & do it so I can say it's complete!

  12. Oh these are great! I love the market place shot! What a cool idea, and the tying of the tamales! Love them! Love Penny Scrap-aholic@blogspot.com P.S. Thank you for the kind letter!

  13. This is lovely! I adore the details!

  14. Good luck with your December Daily. These pages are looking amazing!

  15. Good for you that you are getting your DD done!!
    The pages are wonderful and I'm loving your pictures too :)

  16. Love all the pages. I'm sure you will be happy to complete your album, great that you are keeping at it!


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