Mouthwatering Monday -- Green Chili Grilled Cheese on Sourdough

I'm not sure, do I need to tell you any more besides that title???

If you're like me, your mouth is already watering.  There is not much that tickles the taste-buds like right out of the oven roasted Anaheim Green Chilis!

Start by cutting the chilis long ways and removing the stem and seeds. WEAR GLOVES!

I roasted mine in the oven till the skins fairly slid right off the chilis.  Do it right under the broiler but keep a close watch on them do they don't turn into charcoal!

When they are cool enough to handle, put on a pair of gloves(trust me, you do NOT want to do this without gloves.  You DO NOT!)  Remove the peel. It will be blistered and should peel off pretty easily. You should be left with a nice sheet of roast chili.  If your chili ends up in shreds that is ok too. I just dice them and add them to the sandwich in pieces.

Pick up some Monterrey Jack cheese from the local grocer, a nice fresh loaf of sourdough and make sure you have some butter on hand (margarine works just fine)  You'll want about 1 1/2 chilis per sandwich.  I like to heat my non-stick skillet on med-high and get it nice and hot before I place the first sandwich in it.

Butter the outsides of your bread, lay seeded and peeled roasted chili across the center and top with a slice of cheese.  Add a touch of garlic salt to taste.  Finish with the other piece of bread and sear on both side in the hot skillet till nicely browned and cheese is melted.

I am warning you, if you are cooking for a group you'd better have lots of chili on hand because the eaters will COME BACK for more!  In my case, they fairly hovered over me like giant vultures waiting for the next sandwich to come off of the griddle.

You can also do this with Jalapeno's, but I'm too big of a chicken.  However, if you like a bit more heat, that would work beautifully.  Or, if you are even tamer of tongue than I, try roast red peppers in lieu of the Anaheims.

As always, thanks for stopping in and joining more for a bit.  If you try these, I'd love to hear how they turn out for you......and don't forget to follow! ;)


  1. That looks so yum! I might have to have a go.

  2. This looks DELICIOUS! I'm all for grilled cheese, in any form.

  3. I like spice but I don't know about having to wear gloves. Actually DH handles all the hotstuff! lol!

  4. I LOVE spicey food! These look great, great photos too.

  5. My husband would LOVE these! Now he would be one for the jalapenos though! :)

  6. I bet my brother would love this. He really likes Anaheim/Hatch chilies. He roasts his on the grill, though. :)

  7. Yum! Looks fabulous! Pinning this one! :)

  8. What a fun twist on plain old grilled cheese. Sounds yummy! :)

  9. I have two big bags of anaheims in my freezer right now... this is super tempting!


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