How Many Times

I ask how many because I do wonder each time I set out to lose weight whether this will be the final time that I am embroiled so deeply in this particular battle.  I have really only tried very seriously two times that I can think of.  One was about 12 years ago when I did Weigh Down Workshop and the second was last year when I did the Eden Diet.

They are both very similar.  This time, I am doing Setting Captives Free, again, very similar.  The other two worked, but only for a season.  I lost about 70lbs the first time and 30lbs the second.  I felt good in both cases but lost motivation and went back to old habits quickly.  I've noticed between last time and this that I put on the weight much much faster today than I did 10 years ago.  That is disconcerting.  However, the weight did come off quickly this time and for that I am thankful.

The main difference with this particular program is that right off the bat, they speak of the need to have a proper, Godly motivaton for such an effort.  So today, I confess that in the past, my motivation has been my own self-idolotry and the desire to look good/feel good etc for myself.  I may have said it wasn't, but it was.  Today, I am praying for a new attitude.  I am praying that God will graft into my heart a desire to lose weight to His glory alone. I believe that if I can aquire and maintain such an attitude, the Lord will be in my efforts and they will be successful.

If I don't succeed, I think we will all know it's because my motives were wrong.  Pray for me!  Please.

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