I've been reading Tozer again.  Each time I do so, I end up overwhelmed by the complacency that I see in the Church.  It's not that it is anything new, it is that Tozer puts into words what I know to be true but I spend so much time stumbling over the right words that I never seem capable of getting the thought across.

My heart is stirred by easily 50% of what this godly man had to say a half a century ago and which is still speaking loudly today.  Currently, I'm reading Tozer on Worship and Entertainment.  It is a scathing report on the lack of passion for God that is evident in the church. Interestingly, the church must have been very much like it is today even 50 years ago when Tozer was writing and preaching.

I'd like to leave you with this quote in the hopes it will stir you towards wildly seeking after God.  Tozer says this: " I am looking for the fellowship of the burning heart--for men and women of all generations everywhere who love the Savior until adoration becomes the music of their soul, until they don't have to be fooled with and entertained and amused. Jesus Christ is everything,  all in all!"

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