Is there something that can be done?

I'm asking a rhetorical question here of course.  You KNOW I have an opinion.  And the resounding answer is YES!!!  About what you may wonder.  About the loss of students out of the church.  About the apathy of the adults in the church.  About our lackluster faith.

Have you noticed it?  Have you noticed that our brothers and sisters in Christ and ourselves look very much like the world that we live in.  Many times, people would be hard pressed to know we are Christians at all.

But there is something that can be done.  You and I can change ourselves.  We can seek God with all our hearts, minds, souls and strength.  We can and we should.

I thought I might suggest a little book list.  It's some of the things I've been reading that have been.............eye opening.  I hope you'll check them out.  I find that often, people aren't terribly inclined to read another book that is not entertaining.  I want to admonish you that it is, in large part, entertainment itself that is doing much of the damage to the Church in America.  So here is a list, here is a start.  And while you're at it, may I recommend The Bible as the one that comes at the top of the list.

Tozer on Worship and Entertainment
Family Driven Faith by Voddie T. Vauchem Jr
Respectable Sins: Confronting the Sins We Tolerate by Jerry Bridges
A Weed in the Church by Scott Brown

That is a good group to start with, there are lots more good books that will help to inspire, inform and encourage you to do the hard things that will make a difference in the Church.  I am convinced the most lacking thing is worship of God.  I don't mean singing and praise music.  I mean adoration of a Holy God.  I believe these books will point you in that direction.

May God move you greatly.

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