What Next?

Today, I'm contemplating what to do next.  When God's Spirit speaks a truth to my soul, it should prompt me to DO something right? At least a lot of the time there is a thing I must do.  Sometimes it is simply to renew my thinking and run my thoughts through the Spirit filter.  Sometimes it's a physical action.  Whatever it is, I'm not supposed to just sit there like an unchanged lump.

So, I've read (via audio) the provocative book by Francis Chan called Crazy Love.  It's the kind of book that if you get to the end, you're gonna have to do something different.  At this moment, I am wondering what that is.  I know that my thinking needs to be renewed and that God is already working on this in me. 

However, I feel like I'm sitting here with a job but a bit unsure how to carry it out.  I know that one of them is to love and lead my children for the next few years (in Kaitlin's case that's only a few more months in a literal day to day sense, though my example ought to count for the rest of my life).  But I confess that when it comes to the day to day application of how to effectively do this with Hunter and Maddie, I am sometimes rather stymied.

They are home for good now and I don't feel right about exposing them much to the 'rest of the world'.  Criticize all you want, that's the direction my hubby and I have been led, I'm not likely to budge on that one.   They are special kiddos, trust me, they need a different approach from most.  So, it's just us and I have to find a way to reach their broken hearts.  I am unsure how to do it. 

I know, I'm not the first parent to have this dilemma, but I am soooooo praying for wisdom and understanding and strength and God's character to overshadow my life and teach me how to do what I'm called to do.

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