Sorry, don't know where I've been recently.  Been a busy week I guess.

Not a whole ton to report, but 5 more lbs down now so I'm pleased with my progress.  I'm pretty sure it's all boobs, but that's pretty typical, eh. LOL

Just wanted to stop in and say thanks to all of you who've been dropping by and reading the nonsense that I post.  It's nice to know someone's interested isn't it.  I think that is one of the reasons blogging is so popular.  It's an opportunity to be heard and responded to.  We're pretty blessed to have that chance I think.

God is good.  He's working on my heart in particular with the area of self-lessness.  Not my strong suit.  I'm trying to learn, but man, I'm pretty headstrong!

Let me know what He's doing in your life if you have a minute.  I find God often speaks through my friends of what He wants to do in me. 

Blessings all!

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