Peacock Feathers are Ravishingly Beautiful, and other random thoughts

Really, I am quite astonished at the beauty of a peacock feather.  I've got one perched on a hat I decorated a year ago.  The hat looks ridiculous on my head, but it's sure pretty sitting on a lamp or something.  And all because of that peacock feather.  I don't know why I'm telling you this, but I thought you should know.

Now, about my day.  It's been good.  I had a DR appt, which was, you know, a Doctor's appointment.  But I love my doctor so it is as good as it could be.

The best part of my day was that I saw that my efforts and God's healing work in the area of my weight issues are making a difference.  4 lbs since last Tuesday!  Woot.  I'm so proud of me and so very thankful to God for waking me up to what I needed to do.

I ate lunch out today and it went really well.  I wasn't tempted to eat more than I should and I felt very satisfied with the quantity that I had.  You have no idea what a huge gift that is from my Father in heaven.  HUGE!

Dropped off a pile of layouts at Making Memories Unforgetable.  That's always a happy thing to do since it makes me feel good when I know my work is appreciated.  Now I'm tired and would really like to have a nap.

Pray for my kiddos if you think of them.  Hunter is really unhappy right now and I'm really not sure what the reason is.  Madison is not soooo happy, but she's doing better than she had been for a few days.  They are just a couple of very unhappy people and what they need most is Christ, but they don't want Him. 

Here's a little something to look at, my most recent layout.  With feathers!!! Peacock ones!


  1. congrats on the wt loss, slow and easy is the way to go! Love your layouts!

  2. woot on the weight my friend, PROUD of you. God is working ;0) great stuff ursula. definitley praying for unhappy kiddo's... have a couple of those here.. teen years are hard. xx


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