Intensions and musings

I've been intending to do project 365.  That is, I did one month, well, most of it and didn't get any farther than that.   Perhaps because I couldn't seem to help myself and definatley took more than one picture per day.  Perhaps that is where I went wrong.

Then, just as I was thinking about it, I decided that's okay.  Even if I have no pictures, I can certainly still post journaling from that point of life.  Of course, I'd have to journal in some fashion, somewhere.  But that is likely to happen as I write alot.  Perhaps an email could be used for a given day.  Or a blog post, or some text messaging.  There are lots of little ways that we communicate and if I'm on top of it, I can get something in right.

The whole point is to be able to see what a year really is like, to document that for our family to be able to look back on.  What do we do with our time?  Who do we spend time with?  What do we talk about? What are we sharing or hoarding?

I like this idea, maybe I'll try and actually implement it.

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