A Few Goals

I've been cleaning and purging and rearranging and stuff.  It's a BIG job.


As a result, I'm finding myself telling me a lot of things about myself that I think I should be doing. (did that make sense???)

So I thought perhaps a list of goals would be a good idea.  If I put it on my blog, I shouldn't lose it right?

1. learn to be much more selective when choosing books to bring into my home (i.e. don't bring in books that will NEVER be read)
     a. I think this might be best accomplished by not buying a book unless I have a specific plan to read it and know that I will follow through.  In other words, if I think it might be cool to do a thing but don't have a specific plan to follow through, don't buy it.  I can always put it in my wishlist at Amazon and pick it up later if I want to.

2. Stop buying magazines that I will not have the time to read.  Resolve to throw magazines away when I'm done reading them.  Feel free to tear out images or articles from those mags that inspire me and put them in my inspiration binder.  Feel free to throw away what no longer inspires me, regardless of who the author it. (I sometimes save something simply because I tend to like the author, but everyone has a stale moment.)

3.  Find a place for everything and put it there after I'm done with it.  When I buy a new thing, plan where I will put it BEFORE I plunk down the cash for it.

4. Do not buy any more makeup, ever! (Except those things like mascara and eyeliner that get used up)  The likelyhood of my ever using up my collection of makeup is miniscule.  I should never need any more.

5.  Purge every room in my house, including closets, pantry, laundry room, etc.

6. Get caught up on bills, reciepts, book-keeping.  Be a blessing to my husband by doing this. File things when I am done with them.  Stop procrastinating.

7.  Get into shape.

8.  Find time to do special projects with my kids.

9.  Keep up with memory keeping.

10.  Keep my own house clean without hiring someone else to do it for me.

11.  Grow a garden.

That is a long list, I know.  I'm not sure if I think it's all possible looking back on it.  I can also tell you that there are many more things that I'd like to add to it.  I was going to stop at 10 but I had to include the garden, it's already partly there.

Maybe getting it all down will help me to make it happen.


  1. Hey there :)
    I have a list of 100 (actually, there's only 50 things on my list currently and 2 of them are copies so really only 49). It's a page on livedcomposedandillustratedbyme.blogspot.com
    It's funny, things started getting done once I committed them to type.

    Yes, there ARE things on my list that will take years to plan and complete, but there were other things that were quite attainable, or startable, the day I typed the list.

    I think, when we keep our thoughts locked up in our head...they just swirl and get stuck there. Then there is the potential for negative self talk which caused my Eating Disorder.
    Letting the thoughts out can be scary at times...but I think moves us to a place of action.

    Keep writing :)

  2. I guess I need to add to my list then! I like what you have to say about the fact that I may not get it all done, but I can start.

  3. Great list...sounds like a perfect simplifying plan!

  4. My motto this year is "START AGAIN in 2010". I am so much like you! It took me seven weeks to sit down and finish the taxes for the taxman. It actually took about 3 hrs, but the "waiting" and "scheduling" and "dreading" delayed my action. I suppose I should blog it so I can remind myself next year, yes?


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