Have you ever taken someone into your home with the intent of blessing them in whatever ways God provides only to have them stab you in the back repeatedly?

It is hard when the very person you are trying to love and lavish blessings on is going behind your back and lying, cheating and stealing.  I find it difficult in that situation, to continue to bless this person.

I recently discovered that, though I had given this person a very generous amount of something they dearly wanted, they still went and stole more from one of my other children. This person has no lack already, and yet they rob another.

This is much like the story of David and Bathsheba.  I take comfort in that God was very angry with David and witheld a certain amount of blessing from him because of the way he had spit on God's law in regards to Bathsheba.  David and Bathsheba paid a very high price because of their rebellion.  Yet God still loved David and after David came to full repentance, God restored him to a place of intimate friendship. 

In my own experience, my children have never come to full repentance, with the exception of Kitty.  They apologize only in words but not in their hearts.  That is hard to watch and hard to know how to address on a day to day basis.

I know that I sound like a broken record, but pray for me and my husband that we would have wisdom.  I need it more than any other thing.


  1. Assuming it's not a rhetorical question then yes, I have experienced all of that.

    You will be in my prayers. This is a very difficult path that God has directed us to be on, but you are handling it with a large amount of grace. I'm proud of you!

    Hugs and prayers,
    Mary in TX

  2. Thanks Mary. No, unfortunately, this is no rhetorical question. But God has the victory, eh. I appreciate very much your supportive words.

  3. Ah, kids. (Been there, done that.) Yes you can forgive them 70 x 7 and they will perhaps repent in time. Mine did, and genuinely after a long span of time. Praying for you!


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