A New Endeavor

I'm contemplating getting started on a new project.  A scrapbook for the year.  I've used Ali Edwards post about her Project Life as a starting point.  I'm not sure how good I'll be at this as finishing projects is not something I'm good at.  But I'm glad to be at least trying.  I can tell already that it'll effect the way I take photos and what the subjects might be.  I have noticed a particular lack in my photography of the people in my family doing ordinary things.  I'm always photographing them in a pose, albeit a 'candid' pose, but usually posed.  I have trouble seeing the creative side of daily activities.  I think I want to challenge myself to see those things more readily.

On a more RADical note, I was amused to experience a new version of her funky reading habits.  Tonight, she was reading to me when she did her funny little "I can't read" tricks.  But this one was a bit new.  She was reading along when she inserted a different word than the one printed on the page. (this is quite a common occurance and has nothing to with her reading ability and everything to do with her attempting to control the situation in some way.)  For this particular word, I asked her to look again. While still looking at me, she corrected the word. 

In case the significance of this escapes you, she made it quite clear that her 'mistake' had been quite purposeful and that she knew exactly what the word was which she had been supposed to read. 

Not long afterward, we went over the questions for the chapters she was reading.  Again, she tried to pull a fast one, asking me the meaning of the word 'remorse'.  It was precisely the word that would answer the question she had been asked.  I was quite astounded at her brilliance.

Good thing I'm a strong mom and can recognize her games before she gets the better of me.  She really did put up a fight this afternoon.  But Strong Mom came to the rescue and saved the day.  Little Maddie didn't end up with the burden of controlling her situation on her shoulders.  I handled it for her!!!

Perhaps that will be a page in my Project Life!  Here are a few pics I took of my girl doing some thinking in the corner.  I have been revisiting some of the useful little tricks that I had been tempted to abandon.  Strong sitting and corner time really do make a positive difference.

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