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I'm a worshipper, both in daily life and also in a more ordered environment, my church's worship team. When I was in Mexico, I saw how they do big things with just a little. 2 fish and some barley loaves. I was certainly struck by the way we, in America, always feel that we need something better and bigger. The trouble is, no matter how good what we have is, there is always something bigger and better to which we aspire.

Christ told us not to worry so much about what we will eat or wear because he will provide what we need. I think that applies to what we play on or play in, or sound like too. He will use and multiply what we offer to His glory alone! I had to wonder how much of my energy is spent trying to gain glory for myself and how much I really spend bringing glory to Him alone. It's always a temptation to want to shine without the right motivations.

When we were in Mexico, for the most part ,I could not sing the lyrics, but I was still able to make a joyful noise to the Lord. I was astounded at the power found in that small Mexican church when the Spirit clearly descended among the worshippers. Half of the people in attendance at that particular service didn't speak the language, but the Lord spoke to our hearts of His presence all the same. It was humbling and glorious.

The worship team did not follow a formula of verse progression, chorus, bridge, but allowed the Spirit to lead how long they would sing each song. The worship alone lasted at least an hour, with an additional 20 minutes to a half hour at the end. The people did not complain when the service went for 3 hours. People stood up in every service to offer testimony of what God was doing in their lives. I was struck by the way that we, in our country, will not tolerate too much 'church' at a time. Before the service, I had found myself with negative feelings toward the upcoming service, selfishly thinking I'd be bored with the three hours of church in a language I didn't understand. I prayed, asking God to help me have a right attitude and He went far beyond what I hoped or expected. The three hours were over before I knew it and I was incredibly blessed.

God really spoke to me about being content with where I am, who I'm with, what we're doing and what I have. I know that there are places to stand up for what is right, that is not what I'm talking about. I'm referring to being content when I really have no valid reason for complaint other than selfish motivation. I am praying that God will provide opportunity for more people in our body to experience the blessings in Mexico that we were afforded.

I suppose the question I am moved to ask is this. Is what we have in our homes and churches hindering our ability to effectively do God's work? Is that really what is happening or are we simply dissatisfied because we know that there is something better available out there and so we feel that we 'need' it? Are we going to spend money this year on something that will truly connect our community to Christ, or is there a better way we can steward our resources. (I know I saw needs in Mexico that blow ours out of the water) I had to come away from Mexico evaluating everything about the way I use money and the way my home church uses money and resources. I want to glorify God in every way and I believe that is the desire of my local body as well. It may be that God is saying to spend more $$ on equipment or whatever, but after having been down there and seeing the need, I want to be very sure that is what He's saying.

I have to reevaluate so many things that I want now!!! I realized that what I saw in Mexico was nothing compared to the needs in places like Haiti or Kenya, so how can I so quickly spend the blessings God has provided on me?


  1. LOVE this!
    I was a worship leader for 6 years professionally, then as a volunteer for a couple of years after that...I've since taken to worshiping in the seats and enjoy it there just as much.

    I became frustrated when those in higher seats than mind demanded a "worship formula." I mean, yes, it is good to have a basic framework...but if I deviated from what I like to call "sitcom" worship (happy song, happy song, thought provoking song, happy song)...I'd hear about it on Monday morning
    And if I DARED start with a thought provoking song...because I was leading WORSHIP, not just making music, I'd probably hear about it through the week and the following Sunday right before worship..."you're not gonna start with a slow song again today are you?"

    Funny...some months after the 'slow start debacle' the subject was brought up again in a deacons meeting. I listened, respectfully and thoughtfully asked them, "what was the song we started with this past Sunday?"


    To which I responded, see...obviously the way I was led to present worship on that day had a purpose...you STILL remember it, you even still remember the message. Even I know not to start each service with what you term a "dirge" but I let God design worship and He uses my voice and talents to reach you. I cannot do it your way because you see, I'm doing my best to do it God's way." Then I excused myself from the meeting...and 3 months later, I resigned from the job.

    sigh...I know it's not EXACTLY what you meant by your post, but you obviously struck a chord...heh heh, get it...probably in the pr0gression of G, C, Em, D ~smile~

    Have a wonderful day and keep on simplifying!


  2. I hear you, loud and clear and know exactly what you mean. Everyone has an opinion and it can be difficult to decipher which one reflects the heart of God. I think the job of worship leader is one of the hardest in the church, it seems particularly open to criticism.


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