With Mr. Handsome having to travel on business lately, I've had some time to reflect on the nature of our relationship. More specifically, I've been considering the effects of separation.  There's an old cliche that says one's marriage partner is one's 'better half'.

We're often tempted to dismiss cliches as being, well.......cliche. But don't be so quick to push this one aside. The Lord himself has said 'what God has joined together, let no man tear asunder.'(Mark 10:9) I'm betting He had a good reason for that statement and I believe I've gained a bit of insight as to at least one or two of them during our recent separation.

When Jeremy is away, I feel the separation in my spirit. My sense of purpose is diminished. Who else on this earth can I look at that understands me as he does? Who else can I sit with, saying nothing, and yet still know that we are together in a profound way. Who else will laugh at my witless humor in such an uproarious fashion. Who else keeps me grounded and accountable as he does?

It's the same when we stay apart from our heavenly bridegroom.

Jesus intends to walk with you and I through every single joy and trial and all the moments in between. There isn't one moment that He is willing to miss. He gives ultimate purpose to His bride, as well as ultimate understanding, ultimate companionship and ultimate accountability.

The good news is that Jesus never has to go away on business. He says 'I am with you ALWAYS.' And that is the truth. But sometimes, I am inclined to hide myself from him, forget him, disregard him or even at times resent him.

Isn't that just how it is in an earthly relationship?

I want to be a bride who cherishes every moment with her bridegroom. I don't want to lose a single moment of the precious gift I've been given. I know I will at times, still trample on my bridegroom. But I hope that today, I'm able to cherish a little more the precious connections God has gifted me with Jeremy and so many others, and even more, with my Savior, Jesus Christ.


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